Adamari López meets again with Toni Costa’s mother and they end up in a sea of ​​tears

Now what Adamari Lopez is preparing everything for Alaïa’s first communion, the driver took on the task of traveling to Spain to buy her daughter a dress and that she looks spectacular in this awaiting event, but during her visit to European lands she experienced a reunion that made her feel raw.

And it is that Ada wanted Carmen Lozano, mother of Tony Costa and grandmother of his princess, to be present in the process of choosing the dress that her little girl would wear for such an important event. Both remembered the day that each one made their first communion so both, who were visibly moved, ended up in a sea of ​​tears.

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It turns out that since February 2022 they had not had the opportunity to see each other in serenity, Well, after López separated from Toni Costa, the two did not coincide, but despite the fact that the dancer is already with Evelyn Beltrán, ‘La Yaya’, as they affectionately call her, met with Adamari and together they chose the outfit of Alaia.

But although it has been said that Toni’s mother does not accept her son’s new partner, something that the dancer himself came out to deny and said: “That is an invention like so many that do”Everything indicates that the lady has very good memories with her former daughter-in-law and they continue to get along great.

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That is why the presenter decided to share the video of this emotional meeting with her daughter’s grandmother, demonstrating the maturity that exists between them and that they have a common goal: to see Alaïa shine on the day of her communion and that the youngest is always happy, so the two could not help but shed some tears before the memories that invaded them and about all for the thrill of being together again.

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