A medical student discovers in class that she is pregnant and her reaction is devastating… although everything had a trick

There is an audio on TikTok that, even if the months go by, is always the perfect formula for creating a viral video. It is a sound that repeats incessantly “oh no, oh no” while something bad happens on screen.

The latest video to travel all social networks and surprise more than 30 million people with this music comes from Samantha, a gynecology student from Charleston (United States).

The young woman has published on her TikTok account the most amazing seconds that the platform has traveled in a long time. “When you’re in the lab and discover a surprise”He has written.

In the video, which has subsequently been uploaded with the original sound, you can hear how they are pointing out the different parts of the body that can be seen with an ultrasound. When suddenly, you can see a fully formed baby in the womb.

The screen turns to the rest of the companions and they all hallucinate when discovering that one of her companions is completely pregnant. Since then, thousands of people have commented on his stupor.

However, it was too good to be true. A couple of days later, the girls have posted a video to reveal all the details: “We would like to say that everything was prepared.”

Before him shock of many Internet users young people’s ability to acthave explained that it was a competition with another class at school to see who could make the best video related to the subject.

“We had the idea of ​​us all pretending we didn’t know she was pregnant, but we’ve all known for a while. She too and everyone involved“, they have commented.

“We thought that maybe only 100 people were going to see it, it’s very crazy, we just wanted to clarify that everything was fakebut it was a lot of fun”, they have concluded in their latest publication that, surely, it will not reach as many people.

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