Yolandita Monge: Fall in love with her forever loves

For Yolandita Monge there are no midpoints. It is passion, drama, strength, sensuality and coquetry in each note that she plays on stage.

This is how we have seen him during his career, and he was present on Saturday night at his debut at the Coca-Cola Music Hall during the “Amores de siempre” concert, a function that was originally scheduled for September 17 but was postponed due to the passage of the hurricane. Fiona for Puerto Rico.

Accompanied by a band directed by Ito Serrano, for two hours Yolandita went through a large part of her hits, some in their entirety and others grouped in medleys. “Yolanda you are mine!”, “I love you!”, “Diva!”, “Bravo!” Her fans shouted at her, that she lived and relived each one of the “loves”.

The interpreter sang to the present love, to the love that was, to the forbidden love, to the love towards the friend and to the love of the country. She didn’t need great embellishments to back her up; her voice and her presence were enough to make those who accompanied her fall in love with this evening.

The artist interacted with her fans.
The artist interacted with her fans. (William E Rodriguez)

Yolandita sang, danced, walked through the audience, took selfies, lay down on stage and joked about her age, which many would like to know how to carry with the energy she carries. Each action was reciprocated with standing ovations on multiple occasions, the first being after interpreting “In spite of time”, the third theme of more than twenty that made up the show, in which the artist had four costume changes.

“There is always a first time for something. Still at this age I’m still making debuts. This is my debut here at the Coca-Cola after a short break on September 17, but Fiona came to visit. So here we are, so it’s also my debut because it’s the first time that I have to change a concert for another date. So two debuts at this age is cool. I am very excited, very happy to be here. To be able to meet again for, I say, I ask, did you come ready? Did they come ready for the esgalille? Do you know all the lyrics to the songs? It’s good because I don’t!… At the age of 15 one begins to forget some of the songs, and since they are so many, thanks to you. So are we ready? Let’s start teacher”, were his first words to the public.

He did not have to repeat the invitation to esgalillar because whoever had not dared to do so accepted the proposal. From then on it was a journey full of emotion and nostalgia to the loves of always.

National pride emerged in the theme "borinqueña".
National pride emerged in the song “Borinqueña”. (William E Rodriguez)

In the ballads he showed that his voice remains intact, “despite time”; in the busiest ones –as in “Borinqueña” and “Por ti”-, that she dominates the choreographies; in “They told me” and “Mala”, her support for the LGBTTIQ + community; and in her interaction with the public, that the affection of her fans remains intact.

Mention deserves the comedian Tita Guerrero, who along with other dancers accompanied Yolandita, as they did in the 80’s. It was a meeting of those of today and the retro, directed by choreographers Danny Lugo and choreographer Carlitos Hernández, who led for many years to the dancers of Yolandita when it set records in Fine Arts of Santurce for the number of performances. Also the band of musicians and choristers, who coupled very well with the artist in each of the songs and excelled in solos on several occasions.

The comedian Tita Guerrero, together with a dance group, accompanied the interpreter.
The comedian Tita Guerrero, together with a dance group, accompanied the interpreter. (William E Rodriguez)

“Amores de siempre”, a production by Rafo Muñiz for Prolat Entertainment, was the revalidation of reciprocal affection, respect and admiration between an artist who gives everything on stage and a fanatic who applauds this installment.

“My heart is in suspense with joy… Thank you all”, was the farewell amidst the joy of “Su su su bir”.

Yolandita had four wardrobe changes.
Yolandita had four wardrobe changes. (William E Rodriguez)

What he sang:

  1. Medley – I can’t get used to it/You were a dream
  2. Does not matter the time
  3. Medley amores: The power of love / This love that must be silenced / Take that man away from me
  4. labyrinth of love
  5. How can you
  6. the moon surprised me
  7. borinqueña
  8. You you you
  9. I will sing
  10. I was told
  11. bad/bad blood
  12. caress me
  13. Alone
  14. I see you pass
  15. Loveless
  16. Yes- The distance- with you
  17. I will Survive
  18. Weak
  19. By you
  20. Love
  21. when a love ends
  22. its its its bir

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