What are the 1 dollar bills that are worth US$ 170,000

The printing error that triggers your quote on specialized sites.

Finding dollar bills with certain printing errors or very specific characteristics became a rage on the Web. New coveted specimens are constantly appearing and the prices of their quotations rise dramatically.

Among the difficult figurines, there are those copies of US$1 that come to be sold on E-bay for US $ 170,000.

One-dollar bills with misprints can be worth up to $170,000.

One-dollar bills with misprints can be worth up to $170,000.

The known fact of these treasures, as reported by El Comercio de Perú, is that their printing date is 1995 and that they have a printing error. The screenshot shows that in one of its parts it seems to be faded, although it would be, apparently, the fault of this series.

Dollar bills, collectors' obsession Photo f:SA.

Dollar bills, collectors’ obsession Photo f:SA.

With which, if you have a copy with this date and the characteristic already mentioned, the recommendation is to make the pertinent inquiries in a couple of collectors and compare the answers.

An encouraging piece of news, adds the same note, is that these banknotes are still in circulation. It would not be strange to imagine that they are even damaged by passing from hand to hand and that none of their owners imagines the excessive value that they can reach.

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