Verónica Castro and Ana Gabriel: this is how they revealed their secret love in concerts

Ana Gabriel’s fans have been attracted to the artist’s private life, since she has kept her personal activities out of the spotlight, microphones and cameras, for this reason some issues such as her romantic relationships have been prey to gossip and rumors, among the most heard is the alleged relationship he had with the actress Veronica Castro.

Ana Gabriel is considered one of the best exponents of the regional mexican music and the people who follow his career say that in his songs he sends signs of how he is in the fields of love, but also one of the most iconic pieces of his career is a special dedication to the music and television star with the who wanted to share his life.

It’s about the topic “Just friends”a song that led to the original of Guamuchil, Sinaloa to be recognized internationally. The melody is part of the album “No man’s land” that the singer launched in 1988 and that to date adds reproductions on her video and music platforms.

“How much would I give to shout our love to them
Tell them that when we close the door we love each other uncontrollably
that we woke up embraced
With desire to continue loving us
But they don’t really accept our love

Always always)
With looks we always give each other all the love
We speak without speaking
Everything is silence in our walk
Friends, simply friends and nothing more”, says the controversial song by Ana Gabriel.

It is said that the alleged relationship It started as a beautiful friendship, but later Ana Gabriel was dazzled by the beauty of the also host who made her her “secret love”, and with this melody she confesses what she really feels for her, because in the theme that the “Just Friends” lyric describes how he can’t tell the world what’s going on.

The reason you didn’t develop your engagement It was because at the time of the 80s, when they met, it was not well seen that they were together, in addition to being public figures they decided to separate and take different paths, although their body language on more than one occasion betrayed the evident chemistry between the successful women.

It should be noted that neither Ana Gabrielnor Verónica Castro have openly declared their sexual preferences nor that there was something else, although it is said that after saying “goodbye”, the two began affective bonds with other people.

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