US and Canada deliver armored vehicles to Haiti

The United States Department of State reported this Sunday that US and Canadian military aircraft arrived in Port-au-Prince to deliver vital security equipment, including tactical and armored vehicles, to the director general of the Haitian National Police (HNP). and supplies to combat the armed gangs that are vying for control of the country and blocking humanitarian aid.

In a statement, the department explained that the delivery of the equipment acquired by the Haitian government it was part of a joint operation involving aircraft from the US Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

“This team will help the HNP in its fight against criminal actors who foment violence and interrupt the flow of urgently needed humanitarian assistance, which hampers efforts to stop the spread of cholera,” added the office responsible for the US foreign policy.

Both the United States and Canadian governments reaffirmed their commitment to support the work of the Haitian police to protect and serve the people.

“In coordination with international partners, our governments are working with Haitian partners to strengthen Haiti’s capacity to train more police officers and improve law enforcement operations,” said the office, which since last week has been leading the response to the request for help issued by Prime Minister Ariel Henry in the face of the humanitarian crisis facing the country.

Likewise, the two North American nations congratulated the international community for mobilizing new commitments in support of Haiti’s most pressing needs, while urging international partners to fulfill those commitments.

“We encourage partner nations to contribute to the UN Basket Fund to restore peace and citizen security to the Haitian people. Together with the Government of Haiti, the United States and Canada reaffirm the importance of working together to support the restoration of security in Haiti,” concluded the joint statement on the landing of aid for the Haitian police.

According to Haitian media, a total of 18 armored vehicles and some weapons at the request of the police through the Toussaint Louverture International Airport, however, the ammunition did not arrive in this first batch that cost the authorities about 18 million dollars and should have arrived several months ago, but the company delayed with shipment.

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