Up Close – Depression, drugs, loneliness… the lives of celebrities are not perfect

When I was a child I thought that being famous and a millionaire was the closest thing to paradise that a human being could experience. And I confess that, many times, I wanted to be on that side of the screen where the “idols” of my time were.

Over time, the fictitious idea that artists have a perfect life has crumbled. The icons of yesteryear have left great lessons about the importance of taking care of mental health. Today’s artists are not afraid to reveal their feelings, confess their weaknesses and tell the details of their most difficult moments. For good, somehow, and perhaps unintentionally, this gesture brings them closer to their followers who feel more identified by understanding that celebrities are more human than gods.

Successes and failures

Throughout history, fame is linked to sad stories of sexual abuse, addictions and anxiety crises that for many have been marks that are difficult to erase; others have managed to overcome it and enjoy emotional well-being. They even help other people with their testimony.

Elvis Presley, for example, attended church, however, success and easy money brought his life to ruin. The “king of rock”, he lived on the edge between amphetamines, women and fans. There were moments of greatness, but little by little, his pace of life led him to self-destruction.

Marilyn Monroe, called “the woman of many men and no love”, lived marked by loneliness, addictions and a chronic neurosis. A vulnerable woman hiding in the costume of a powerful diva.

Current era

At the last installment of the American Music Awards I was moved to hear Selena Gomez’s speech. The rock artist, who had conquered Disney, confessed that she “had everything, but she was absolutely broken inside.”

Actress Demi Lovato has confessed that she suffered from anorexia, bulimia and bipolarity. Britney Spears, princess of pop, suffered from postpartum depression. Comedian Jim Carrey revealed that she suffers from depression after her divorce.


These episodes of depression and loneliness are not exclusive to international artists. Martha Heredia, Fausto Mata, Rafely Rosario and recently the urban exponent La Ross María, have gone through situations of anguish and anxiety.

These experiences make it clear that it is becoming increasingly important to take care of mental health. We are all vulnerable at some point. Depression is not a tantrum, it is not a game, it is a wake-up call that needs attention.

Ignoring the situation does not solve it. Understand, without judging. Loving each other and seeking professional support is the most sensible thing we can do.

See you Monday!

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