Two medical students save a woman on a plane to Greece

Heather and Lauren, two students from the University of Louisiana (United States), applied their knowledge when they saw a passenger lose consciousness

The flight from the United States to Greece was full of American tourists. However, two young women, Heather Duplessis and Lauren Bagneris, had the opportunity to make it their first “work” trip.

The two girls who They are 2nd year Medicine students at theLouisiana State UniversityThey took the flight thinking that it was going to be a rest trip for them.

However, soon the situation changed. A woman lost consciousness and passed out.

The students realized what was happening in full flight and they immediately went to the crew to report that they had some medical knowledge and could attend to the woman.

That’s how it went. They both ran to see what was wrong. It was about one low blood sugarpossibly caused by the heat and travel stress.

The future doctors “calmed the patient down and made her drink some juice and food, and also cooled her down,” the university said in an official statement.

Contact with a ground doctor

While helping the sick Heather and Lauren contacted an airport doctor, and recorded the blood pressurepulse and blood sugar level of the woman until it stabilizes.

“The patient ended up feeling much better thanks to these two talented doctors who are receiving medical education at LSU (Louisiana State University). Long live the Geaux Tigers! They make us proud,” they wrote from the university.

The deed of the two girls woke up other people. On instagram someone wrote: “This is why I want to be a nurse so much so I can help people like they did. Good job girls, and thank you, Lord, for putting them through it.”

“Angels in heaven,” another person said.

Bagneris’ mother also wrote on social media how proud she was of the two.

“My daughter Lauren Bagneris and her Soror Heather Duplessis, both sophomores at LSU, responded to an emergency call from a medical professional on a plane to Greece when no one else intervened and saved a woman’s life,” she said. .

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