Tom Brady, to the limit: his privileges in the Buccaneers are taking their toll

Tras his break with Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady seems to be topical for all negative reasons. The quarterback was involved in a dubious call to Grady Jarrett of the Atalanta Falcons, penalized for overrunning the passer, despite many believing it was a clear sack.

While the result allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to improve their record to 3-2, the prevailing thought is that Brady receives preferential treatment from both league officials and those responsible for the franchises he plays for. The latest accusation was made by NFL data analyst Harrison P. Kent, who called Brady a loser.

“Tom Brady skipped training camp, takes every Wednesday off, stayed late this past Friday in New York City to party, and flew to Pittsburgh without his teammates before today’s game, and yet he has the audacity to berate his offensive line on national tv. What a loser,” tweeted Kent.

Was Antonio Brown right when he lamented Brady’s privileges?

Former Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown also took to Twitter to lash out at his former teammate. Brown stated that the franchise was afraid of losing its star player even though Brown himself was asked to play through an ankle injury.

“Tom Brady is manipulating the game, he has 14 days to go home and clear his head. Now you can see the difference. Put that shit on,” Brown said in a Twitter post.

“Tom said he would throw it (the ball) if he came to play injured, and I came. He didn’t throw it, imagine being injured, having to play with this and being lied to too,” Brown said in another post.

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