this was the party of his daughter Emily in which Grupo Fime was

When it comes to pampering your own, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez does not skimp on details. Regardless of the occasion, the boxer ensures that everything is spectacular and that his loved ones are always pleased. Something that became evident during the celebration of XV years of Emilyher eldest daughter, who had a spectacular party in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in which, in addition to making an impact with the three incredible looks that the young girl wore for this occasion, her wishes came true, since she had as artistic guests the Firm Group and the singer Carin Leon, just as she wanted. In addition, the young woman was surrounded by all her loved ones, among whom we could see her mother, Karen Beltrán, her little brother Adielas well as Canelo’s wife, Fernanda Gomez and his daughter Fer.


Through the social networks of Emily and Fernanda Gomez, as well as some guests, we have been able to see some details of the incredible celebration that featured the eldest daughter of the boxer from Guadalajara, who was undoubtedly the most moved to see her little girl become a young girl, so no he was able to keep from being emotional by saying a few nice words to his daughter during the reception. “I am grateful for this moment that you are here sharing with us, for me personally it is something very special and very important; It is something that I will never forget, it is something that I did with great affection and that I will remember all my life, ”said the athlete while taking his daughter by the hand at a moment in which all the attention of the guests was focused about them.

As expected, “Canelo” did not miss the opportunity to take over the stage to dance a very special piece in the company of his daughter, so tenderly embracing, they melted the hearts of those present in what was undoubtedly one of the most emotional moments of the party. On the other hand, Álvarez also wanted to dedicate a nice song to his daughter, so to the rhythm of the band and with a microphone in hand, the boxer sang the song at the top of his lungs That and more of the late singer-songwriter Joan Sebastiana moment in which “Canelo” earned a standing ovation from the guests and of course from his daughter, who, moved, thanked her father for her gesture.

funniest moment of the night

After having complied with the formal and traditional acts of this type of celebration, the party began with the presentation of Grupo Firme, a moment in which everyone got up from their tables to enjoy the music of the group of the moment. In fact, we saw Emily dance and sing with the most emotion on stage in the company of her father and the members of the band, who made everyone dance with their hits like Tusa and Ya supérame. On the other hand, we were also able to see Fernanda Gómez and her husband give dance lessons, as they brought out their best steps and acrobatics during the presentation of the band led by Edward Y Johnny Caz.

Another of the artists invited to the party was the singer Carin León, who also made everyone dance with her hits and especially with her viral song La Boda del Huitlacoche, a song that has become popular on social networks and has served as a background for hundreds of viral videos. As expected, the guests and the party did not stop dancing throughout the night.

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