The United States facilitates work permits for Green Card applicants

People who arrive in the United States with the intention of staying, seek to improve their immigration status and acquire a Green Card. The Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reported that they are receiving the documents that grant permission to work, this being the first step.

In order to save users inconvenience, USCIS is communicating its operations via Twitter. It also clarifies that along with the Adjustment of Status or I-485, the Employment Authorization (EAD) or Form I-765 can be sent. In addition, they are receiving the Provisional Travel and Reentry Waiver or I-131.

All data is accepted at once, but is processed separately and reported individually until the Green Card is issued. I-765 is reviewed first, and after a period of time, I-131 is reviewed.

If applicants do not receive any notice, they do not have to ask for Form I-131. Only if it extends beyond the normal time for completion, however no time frame for completion is specified.

Measures that favor the immigrant

Despite the fact that there is no official date range for the delivery of verdicts, USCIS forecasts that the I-131 may take 11 months. The explanation addresses that this procedure accelerates the results of Permanent Residence.

In the month of May, USCIS expedited the procedures for the Employment Authorization due to the accumulation of requests and extended the delivery deadlines even further. The Temporary Final Rule (TFR) granted immigrants with an EAD file in process to be renewed, to be allowed to use the previous one.

The additional time was set at 540 days, which means a year and a half and a week. The extension has been in effect since May 4, which encourages the permanence of undocumented immigrants in their jobs and stability for their employers.

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