The star Dodgers pitcher who left the door of retirement open after losing to the Padres in the Playoffs


After losing to the San Diego Padres in the 2022 Playoffs, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ star pitcher left the door of retirement open in the MLB.

Clayton Kershaw with the Los Angeles Dodgers in MLB 2022
© Alex Trautwig/Getty ImagesClayton Kershaw with the Los Angeles Dodgers in MLB 2022

The hobby of Los Angeles Dodgers still not awake from the nightmare he lived in the Division Series of the MLB Playoffs 2022. After leading 1-0 on aggregate, the Californian team lost three consecutive games against San Diego Padres, was eliminated from the Postseason and, as if something else was missing, the franchise’s star pitcher left the door of retirement open.

How well the Dodgers did in the 2022 MLB regular season ended up magnifying the failure in the Playoffs. The team led by Julius Uriah in wins with 17 wins he finished a franchise record by winning 111 games. In addition, they had the highest run differential with +334 compared to their rivals since new york yankees 1936.

At the time of the Division Series against San Diego Padres In MLB Playoffs 2022, the Los Angeles Dodgers started with their two star pitchers: Julius Uriah Y Clayton Kershaw. One took the victory while the other left without a decision and left the door open for retirement from the Major Leagues.

Kershaw couldn’t look as dominant in Game 2 Dodgers vs. Padres and after pitching five innings he allowed six hits and three runs. Clayton gave up six strikeouts but left the game tied at three runs. The Los Angeles team lost 3 to 5 and that start on October 12 of its star pitcher could be the last in the MLB.

The Dodgers star who left the door of retirement open in the MLB

After being eliminated in the 2022 Postseason Divisional Series and after playing for 15 years in the MLB, Clayton Kershaw He was asked if he would play in 2023 and the answer left some doubts: “I think so. We’ll see what happens,” the star pitcher replied, according to the Dodger Insider Twitter account. The 2020 World Series winner and three-time Cy Young Award winner ran out of contract with Los Angeles Dodgers, He is a free agent and raised the question of whether he will play again for the Californian team together with Julio Urías and company.

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