The exercise that makes you lose weight, lose fat and live longer

we all know that slim down it’s not the same as be healthyand that lose fat it’s not always gain in health, but they are usually related. In fact, there an exercise that combines all that and has been discovered recently.

Specifically, a study published by the journal British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) has revealed that anaerobic exercise can lengthen life by up to 22%.

Doing anaerobic exercise lengthens life, according to a recent study

The research in question has reached these conclusions after analyzing the quality of life of 104,000 participants. After analyzing the results, the experts found that those who did daily strength exercises greatly reduced the risk of dying from any disease.

Thus, one of the keys to longevity is to practice assiduously. anaerobic activityamong which stands out:

  • weight lifting,
  • the sprints,
  • treadmill resistance exercises and
  • bodyweight lifting exercises (dips, pull-ups, squats…)

Researchers have also found that if you also we do aerobic exercise once or twice a weekthe risk of dying is reduced another 47%. By aerobic exercise we mean:

  • run,
  • walk,
  • to swim,
  • dance,
  • Bicycling…

What if we only do anaerobic exercise? Well, we can extend life by 14%.

Strength exercise is good for your health and for losing weight.  unsplash
Strength exercise is good for your health and for losing weight. unsplash

Obviously, depending on our age, some exercises or others will be recommended, as well as their intensity. In fact, the study authors they do not recommend doing sit-ups or squats in the elderly, due to reduced mobility and joint care. These people should also not bet on the bicycle, since the damage to the knee can be serious.

And, as is also obvious, the researchers point out that although these exercise guidelines lengthen the life have no relation to the possible risk of developing cancer.

Strength and power (anaerobic) exercises are the ones that most make us lose weight and lose fat

In addition to increasing longevity, strength and power exercises, that is, anaerobics are the best for losing fat and building muscle, which in the end is what we all look for when we want to lose weight. Aerobic activity (such as cardio, which is running, swimming, etc.) is also good for weight loss and body sculpting, but it doesn’t burn as much fat as the former.

One of the reasons this happens is because it speeds up the metabolism thanks to the increase in muscle mass. I mean, with cardio, you lose calories while you’re exercising, but with weights you do it all day. This, in the end, will make you lose weight faster and faster.

“Muscle is metabolically more active than fat, so the more muscle you gain, the more calories you will burn and the more likely you are to lose fat» says fitness expert Dr. Leigh Breen.

Likewise, strength exercises, such as lifting weights, are must-haves to help lose stubborn fat, the one that accumulates for years and that is very complicated to eliminate. In this regard, a study from the University of Alabama showed that women who exercised with weights lost more belly fat than those who focused on cardiovascular (or aerobic) exercises.

lose weight exercise weights
Everyone lifts the weight they can. unsplash

Also watch your diet: eat real food if you want to lose weight and be healthy

No matter how hard you lift weights or go for a walk, you won’t lose weight or improve your health if you don’t eat properly. One of the guidelines that you should adopt from now on is to flee from all Processed and ultra-processed “foods” that are not only bad for your waistlineotherwise also for your health.

These food products tend to be high in sugar, salt and saturated fat and are “lethal”, as detailed in a French study published by the journal Jama Internal Medicine. The researchers began following 44,000 people beginning in 2009. The experts looked at their diet, the calories they ate, and how much ultra-processed food they ate, such as ready-cooked mealspastries, sweets or cookies.

After seven years, 602 people have diedof which 219 have been due to cancer and 34 due to cardiovascular disease. Some deaths that researchers have linked to increased consumption of ultra-processed foods.

Although more research is needed in this regard, it is clear that trans fats and the huge amounts of sugar and salt that these products contain are not good for you neither for health nor for the figure, so if you take them off, the better.

protein slimming
To lose weight you must eat well from now on. gtres

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