Summary of the match Liverpool vs Manchester City (1-0). GOALSHalftime

He is no longer invincible Manchester City nor is it infallible Erling Halandbent by the great goal by Mohamed Salahwho controlled an uncontrollable ball for most of his goalkeeper’s footballers Allisonwon with the body and the reception at the half turn of the ball to the innocent Joao Cancelo and ran, ran, and ran to the other area, where defined the goal and the victory of Liverpool against Ederson (1-0).

The play enhanced and vindicated a magnificent footballer, but also signaled to the Portuguese sideanother phenomenal player, better on offense than defense, like evidenced an action that had arisen from a fault in favor of the group led by Pep Guardiola: Kevin deBruyne hung it to the area, too loose, at the hands of Allisonwho started the counterattack with the long serve that Salah beat Cancelo and that was 1-0 in the 75th minutebetween the apotheosis of the public of Anfieldso in need of a vindication.

He is still fourteen points off the lead in the Arsenalbut he altered his recent dynamic of three days without winning and he shouted to all his opponents that he will compete until the end. The London team, winner two hours earlier against leedsemerged reinforced from the clash at the top due to the defeat of Manchester Citythe first time I have lost this season in the Premier, after seven wins and two draws that ended in Anfield. And without nuance.

Competitive, content, intense and firm in the first half, with the defenses above attacks until thenthe second part really unleashed the Liverpool and to Manchester Citywho relaunched their voracity after intermission, confronted in ambition, merits and occasions, but without a goal until Mohamed Salah’s 1-0for the crucial and timely saves of their Brazilian goalkeepers, Allison Y Edersonessential then for the 0-0 that lasted until the 75th minute, until the final goal of the Egyptian ’11’.

did not dial Erling Halandthough had two headers in the first act and, above all, of yougo what Alisson repelled midway through the second period, already surpassed at the time of the meeting. He had scored fifteen goals in nine games in the Premierin which only in one did he not beat the rival goal. This Sunday, seven days later, he achieved such a feat Liverpool. Specifically, defending him, including joe gomez.

Yes he scored a goal Phil Fodenbut was invalidated in the 52nd minute. Promoted between the Norwegian striker, who snatched the ball from fabinho at fault (as detected later by the VAR to disallow the goal), and Kevin deBruynethe young attacker of the Cityrenewed this week until 2027, scored after the rejection of the local goalkeeper. Monitor review by referee Anthony Taylor confirmed the appearance of the infraction.

Nor had he scored moments before, on the other side, Salahwhose opportunity in the 50th minute he definitely shook up the match, when he stood alone before Edersonwhen he wasted one of those occasions that never fails, when the away goalkeeper loomed large in front of him to pull off a fantastic hand with which he cleared the striker’s attempt just enough, when the goalkeeper damaged his left ankle in the action, although he kept going.

It was also not effective. Diogo Jotawho ended up on a stretcher, injured, a month after worldin the final moments.

Before, he headed out the perfect center that he proposed Salahwhen he finished off alone, perhaps somewhat forced, to the side of the net, between the desperate exit of Ederson; all within a sequence of quarter of an hour, with the aforementioned goal annulled to Foden which insistently claimed as valid Guardiolawith visible gestures, between the protests of the lack in the origin of Haaland to Fabinho that did seem an infraction.

In that momentary maelstrom, in that already open duel, relentlessly, Salah suddenly resurfaced, controlling the ball from Allisonoverflowed to I cancel and made the difference in favor of Liverpool. Klopp finished expelled.

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