Russia “will not be able to break us”, says Zelensky

‘People were running, screaming’ during drone strikes in Kyiv, witness tells CNN

A Ukrainian woman is seen with her son after Russian attacks in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Monday. (Photo: Metin Aktas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Civilians were “running” and “screaming” amid deadly Russian drone strikes in Kyiv early Monday, according to an eyewitness at the scene.

Vitalii, a man in his 20s, told CNN he was at a train station when deadly attacks hit the Ukrainian capital. He declined to give his last name to CNN for security reasons.

Vitalii said he saw “Shahed” drones flying overhead, the name given to Iranian-made “kamikaze” drones that Kyiv and US intelligence say Moscow is using in its military assault on Ukraine.

“We were at the train station (during the attack), we just arrived. We just got off the train and we saw this Shahed flying over us. We saw a flash and an explosion,” he said.

“We went to the basement, and when we came out, we saw a second impact there, where there is now smoke. We were in the basement for about two hours, and then there was another explosion. When it calmed down, we took a taxi and left.”

“People started coming out of the basement. Then when there was another explosion, everyone went back to the basement. People were running, screaming. There was panic. People were scared because they didn’t understand what was happening.”

He added: “We’ve seen the explanation on the internet about how it works (“Shahed”), it buzzes. We’ve heard it, we’ve seen it. It flew right over us: a triangle. And it exploded.”

Anna works at a local coffee shop near where the attack took place. She did not want to give her last name to CNN for security reasons.

“I heard about the attack on the news. At first I decided not to go to work, so I didn’t get there until 10:30 in the morning (local time),” he told CNN.

“It was scary, but not as scary as it was at the beginning of the war. I mean, we’re kind of used to it.”

“This morning I had a feeling something was going to happen, because I was here last Monday, I saw what happened. Thank God I wasn’t here at the time it all happened.”

“Last week we did not work due to this situation because we were afraid of new attacks. Today I am thinking if it is safe,” he added.

“I’m scared, but it’s hard to believe that it (drone or rocket) can fly here.”

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