Regenerative medicine at the service of assisted reproduction

The scientific and technological advances of recent years have been decisive for the development of regenerative medicine. The regenerative capacity of the human body is much more powerful than previously thought, and this has inspired scientists and doctors to develop techniques and processes to treat a wide variety of diseases and pathologies, including those that can affect female fertility .

Regenerative medicine today has a growing range of techniques that allow the repair, reprogramming and rejuvenation of cells, tissues and even organs. These innovative cell therapies focus on treating the origins of diseases, not their symptoms.

Among these techniques, regenerative therapy through biostimulation with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) stands out for its effectiveness. Applied to reproductive medicine, PRP offers significant benefits and no side effects, since it is an autologous drug, obtained by centrifugation of the patient’s own blood. A meticulous process carried out in the laboratory allows the plasma with the highest concentration of platelets (PRP) and rich in Growth Factors (GF) to be separated from the blood. This material is then reinfiltrated into the patient in order to stimulate the cells of a certain area of ​​the body in order to achieve efficient tissue regeneration and repair.

At IVF-Life, our team of experts in medicine and biology works hard to make the latest advances in science and technology available to our patients. Time is a variable that plays against the female reproductive capacity, being the aging of the reproductive organs of women one of the most frequent problems that we find in consultation. Ovarian and uterine rejuvenation are already a reality in the daily praxis of IVF-Life.

Ovarian rejuvenation represents a new possibility for all those women affected by ovarian failure or with low egg reserves, either due to advanced age or a hormonal imbalance. The regenerative therapy of the ovary with PRP reactivates the ovarian cells, increasing the ovarian response in assisted reproduction treatments.

The health of the endometrium is essential for the correct implantation of the embryo. The regenerative therapy of the endometrium through PRP represents hope for those women who have already experienced recurrent miscarriages or implantation failures. This consists of the reprogramming of damaged endometrial tissues, promoting the regeneration of endometrial tissue, necessary for correct embryonic implantation.

IVF-Life is an international group of centers specializing in complex cases of assisted reproduction. The main mission of our team is to keep moving forward, discover new techniques and therapies, and constantly improve those we already know. Our dream is to fulfill yours.

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