Real Spain redeems itself from failure in Concacaf and mercilessly beats Victoria

La Ceiba, Honduras.

Real España made Victoria pay for the broken dishes of its painful elimination from the Concacaf League to recover the smile with a 1-4 win against Victoria in the match of day 13 of the 2022 Opening Tournament, at the Ceibeño stadium.

Goals from Jhow Benavídez, Pedro Baez, Júnior Lacayo and Ramiro Rocca completed the much-needed victory for the Machine, days after the international failure. The aurinegros shook off that bad time with good football and three important points.

La Maquina cleared up any doubts and if it hadn’t been for a colossal oversight – which is ongoing – by Costa Rican central defender Heyreel Saravia, his victory would have been devastating. Now the sampedranos focus on what will be the two classics of the week. On Wednesday they host Olimpia and on Saturday they visit Marathon.

Similarly, with this triumph, the professors climb to third place in the championship standings, surpassing Vida (20 pts) by one more unit.


The start of the first half cost Real Spain, since the poor conditions of the Ceibeño terrain did not do them justice, however, their illuminated ’10’ managed to leave a jewel in the Honduran Bride.

At minute 22′, midfielder Jhow Benavídez took a loose ball 25 meters from the area, threatened to finish off at first instance and when he finally shot, a missile came out of his right boot that perplexed goalkeeper Harold Fonseca, who only watched as the ball crashed into the side net.

The Victoria was a tear in the first 45 minutes. His creativity on offense was extremely poor, contrary to the visitors, who although they did not overwhelm the dairy goal, before the break they got a penalty courtesy of Júnior Lacayo after being subtly shot down by Arnaldo Urbina.

The maximum penalty was executed at minute 44 and this would be exchanged for a goal by Paraguayan attacker Pedro Baez, who is the team’s top scorer with four goals.

For the complement, the jaibos tried to take center stage, but they did not create greater danger until the aurinegros allowed it. A cross into the area that seemed easy for the center-back Saravia to control ended up complicating his life: Colombian Luis Hurtado stole his bag and ended up being knocked down in the struggle.

At 63′ it was Josué Villafranca who converted the score from the eleventh step, totally fooling goalkeeper Luis “Buba” López, who six minutes later had to impose his magic gloves to save a violent volley from the same lanky striker from Ceibeño.

The Victory did not return to stalk the sampedrana goal and it was in the other rectangle where the danger would take center stage. Real España pressed hard to seal their victory and in a cross to the penalty spot by Yeison Mejía they got oil after a hammer blow from the little Júnior Lacayo’s head: double hit to the crossbar and inside at 76′.

To close the account, the machine received a penalty again, the third of the night charged by the center-back from Toco Marvín Ortiz, who did not hesitate to witness a strong tackle from Óscar Suazo behind Maikel García’s back.

The Argentine Ramiro Rocca made a surgical charge to the left sector that the goalkeeper Fonseca came to touch, but his growth spurt could not prevent the thrashing of a team that, despite its constant falls, always gets up.


1 – WIN: 1. Harold Fonseca, 19. Danilo Tobías, 2. José Velásquez Colón, 14 Fabricio Silva, 18. Arnaldo Urbina (27. Óscar Suazo, min.51), 7. Alexy Vega (8. Carlos Róchez, min.57), 16. Allan Banegas (21. Luis Meléndez, min.46), 32. Jamal Kelly (20. Marcelo Espinal, min.66), 5. Mathías López (10. Yaudel Lahera, min.75), 30. Luis Hurtado and 9. Joshua Villafranca.

Coach: Fernando Araujo.

4 – ROYAL SPAIN: 22. Luis López, 5. Franklin Flores, 2. Getsel Montes, 44. Heyreel Saravia, 28. Carlos Mejía (27. Gerson Chávez, min. 57), 21. Kevin Álvarez, 4. Mayron Flores (8. Luis Garrido, min.79), 10. Jhow Benavídez (25. Maikel García, min.88), 12. Yeison Mejía (26. Marco Aceituno, min.79), 17. Pedro Baez (19. Ramiro Rocca, min.57) and 15. Junior Footman.

Coach: Hector Vargas.

REFEREE: Marvin Ortiz.

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