Pina replies to Don Omar: “Of all your accusations, the only one I consider accepted is the loudmouth one” | Others

Producer Rafael “Raphy” Pina, who is currently in a federal prison in North Carolina, responded today to Don Omar, who earlier this month offered an interview in which he spoke about his differences with him and singer Daddy Yankee.

The writing was accompanied by a photograph of Pina and the interpreter of “Dale Don Dale”.

“Of all your accusations, the only one I consider accepted is that of ‘big mouth,’ and since you say you know me, perhaps, but no more than I know you, I knew that as is your modus operandi within your ‘mind’, you were going to wait for the ‘perfect’ moment, to maliciously distract the resounding and dignified success that surrounds Daddy Yankee in his retirement, and that his ‘accomplice’ is behind bars, he could not speak or defend himself of the fanciful accusations that you have just distributed, ”wrote the couple of the urban music singer Natti Natasha.

Likewise, he pointed out that “I do not live by having fans to defend me, no, I do not, I have something better than that, better than that and that in your world it does not exist, I have a family and lately it has grown ‘you know what I mean’ by that.”

“Let me say that I already had all the answers ready, as if I had heard yours, yes, because I know that it is not easy to make mistakes and show your face, right? I only wait a little while to return to my happiness, because I have a whole perfect life ahead of me with the favor of God; It is up to you to confess to Him so that you leave the gray cloud that surrounds you and walk in the sun”, added Pina.

Meanwhile, he urged to connect today at 7:00 pm, through his YouTube channel, where he will offer more statements.

Lastly, he thanked “thanks to you and your actions, I am working from 2016 until today with the best of all time, and from afar enjoying his worthy retirement, which will conclude on Earth, the which he lives and saw him grow up, Puerto Rico. Where he became not a king, but a legend.”

“The money we couldn’t make on Kingdom, we multiplied by 100 on Legendaddy. Thanks, Willand,” she concluded.

Don Omar spoke about his differences with Pina and Daddy Yankee in an interview published on October 5 on El Chombo’s YouTube channel.

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