PHOTOS | She likes to walk naturally through her house, Aida Cortés is more sensual than ever

In every photograph you share the beautiful Colombian Aida Cortés in your profile Instagram they crown her as the queen of sensuality. Taking a walk through her network we can see her happy walking naturally through various sections of her home or in hotel rooms, when she goes for a walk to the beautiful beaches of her country or when she dedicates herself to record content for your other social networks.

Many have criticized it and the same network Instagram deleted an account with more than 5 million followers for considering it too sensual. But Aida Cortes knows that this is his job and every day he seeks to improve his content on OnlyFans to continue being the queen of South America and the best paid on that platform. But the path has not been easy for Aida, since she was very young she has worked in the world of adult content and from very early on she had to learn and overcome the abuses of the industry.

Aida is one of the best paid on OnlyFans. Photo: @aidacortesx

And now, with more control over your content, she manages her earnings and quality in video and photography. Until you start from scratch, if Instagram deletes your accounts, your fandom base loves you and will continue to be on every profile you re-create.

He loves to walk with little clothes in his home

In the few photographs that exist of Aida Cortés on Instagram you can see her natural, like little makeup and in skimpy clothes walking around her house. In other images we see her wearing transparent bikinis, in underwear from the bathtub or in a room while she watches television. In the most daring ones, she poses on the bed only with the upper part of the swimsuit or in long shirts, but they are her underwear, the young Colombian loves to feel her body free of her.

Aida is a fan of Colombian soccer. Photo: @aidacortesx
Aida is popular on Instagram. Photo: @aidacortesx


VIDEO: Aida Cortés shows on OnlyFans her passion for the sea in a daring bikini

Aida Cortés raises the temperature with a tight swimsuit

The Colombian Aida Cortés challenged censorship on Instagram with transparent lingerie | PHOTOS

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