Pachuca vs. Tigers (2-1). GOALSHalftime

tigers He couldn’t beat the statistics and tonight on the field of the Hidalgo Stadium, a field where he has not been able to win since September 27, 2014, fell against Club Pachuca and was eliminated in the Quarterfinals of the 2022 Opening Tournament.

The Tuzos won 2-1 in an exciting game that had everything and that In the end, it was decided by the best position that the hidalguenses achieved in the general table with a global score of 2-2. Their rival in the Semifinals will be the Rayados de Monterrey starting at the Bella Airosa and closing at the Gigantes de Acero.

With the advantage on the scoreboard those led by Miguel Herrera began the match measuring the rivalleaving him possession of the ball and playing with time to provoke the despair of the Hidalgo team.

Nevertheless, the ones who looked the most impatient were the offensive footballers of the feline teamwho sought without much success to score a goal that would make the series more comfortable. The Tuzos they did not fall before the strategy of the royals and little by little they took over the game until they managed to match the global scoreboard.

It was in an arrival by the band from the right initiated by Kevin Álvarez. Romario Ibarra was in charge of overflowing and send a dangerous center that could not top off Nico Ibáñez, but yes the Pocho Guzmanwho entered only through the center of the area to finish off with a right leg and send to save the ball at minute 19.

When the first half was about to end a controversial move Nahuel Guzmán caused the benches to heat up and emptyleaving only a few shoves and a yellow card for the Tigers goalkeeper for provoking the home crowd.

In the complementary part, the visitors pressed in search of the goal to give them back the advantage, and while insisting mainly on the right wing with Thouvin, they found the goal in a header by Guido Rodríguezwhich had a dose of luck due to a bad header from André-Pierre Gignac.

But the taste did not last long for the visitwell, minutes later and with seconds on the field, Marino Hinestroza and the chofis lopezwere combined to do the second from home in a play at speed down the left wing that finished the Chofis at minute 69.

Tigers finished on top of the team from Hidalgo, and despite having one player less since the 80th minute, they fought back and managed to maintain the advantage, to take the victory and the ticket to the Semifinals where they will face the Rayados de Monterrey.

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