Ozempic, the diabetes drug that is becoming scarce after TikTok recommended it for weight loss | Univision News

Andrea: a — we’ll talk aboutdiabetes treatment thatI’ve started to run out of everythingthe world, because in this networksocial recommended them forlose weight, what other effectscan you bring this and how muchsafe or risky does it become?to talk about thisaccompanies doctor edgar,Chavez, medical director of thecommunity health, how true is it thatthis medicine helpspeople to lose weight?, of whatway it acts in ourorganism?The drug is a medicine thatworks by increasing type ofhormone in the body, and thiswhat it does is it decreases thepassage of food instomach, then the foodstays there, or the body feelsthat there is food there remove thehunger, this medicine alsohas other effects whereincreases insulinso this makes peoplegive me a little more of thatglucose, leading toweight loss, the problem ishormone more than it shouldcan cause problems,they are constipationsevere, troubles comethat is not moving thatfood, then other organsstop working,pancreas, gallbladder andkidneys, this can causevery serious problems inperson who doesn’t careAndrea: those are quite seriousconsequences, what would they be?the problems to whichface people whoneed to treat their diabetes andcan’t find this drug?>> unfortunately manypeople who have diabetesguy number two use thismedicine to control yoursugar to be able to live, andnow we see that there is ascarcity, because many of thisperson who is using itout of prescription forlose weight, they are using allmedicine and there is no forpeople in needactually some peoplediabetics have to use anothermedicine that may notworks too, and thiscan cause problemsthen it is very dangerouspeople are using it withoutneed.andrea: is there another alternativefor those patients?>> yes, there are other types ofinsulin is that they can use,but they don’t work the samethey will have to wear moreinjections, with morefrequency, then it is not avery good solution.>> what would be your recommendationfor those people who don’tthey are listening and sometimesThey say they want to submit totreatments they hear ofthese on social media?however there are thoserisks.>> the risk of having problemsin his verse is verypainful pancreatitis thisit is something very serious that canlead the person to staydisabled, thereforeimportant that if it does notyou need this medicineuse, and if now you want to loseweight is better i used othersmethods, because once I usedthis medicine short-termyou will return your weight, withoutchange the way you eat and yourhabits this is not a medicinemagic that will take away theprisoner and will keep him.Andrea: and that’s why it’s alwaysso important to consult withyour doctor before prescribingany kind of treatmentit is best to talk to aexpert who knows your state

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