Mexican makes roast beef in Canada and calls the firemen

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We Mexicans have customs that we take wherever we are and it is clear that when we are outside the country we miss our gastronomy like tacosbut something that characterizes the northerners is the roast meats that they make on special occasions or on Sundays in the company of the family.

And even if the northerners are not in Mexico, that is not an impediment to not organizing a roasted carnita even in Canada, but what they did not count is that the neighbors called the firemen when they thought something was on fire.

A video circulates on TikTok in which, through several photos, you can see the meat on the grill, as well as tomatoes, chilies, potatoes and even the tortillas ready to make some delicious tacos. Everything painted to be a good afternoon to enjoy a roast beef, but the neighbors of a Mexican who is in Canada ruined this moment for an instant.

“When a Sonoran wants to make roast beef in Canada,” reads the text that accompanies the video.

In the clip, one of the images shows a group of firefighters outside the house of the person who is preparing the roast beef and in another of the photos to the fire truck and more men who do this work.

Although no further details were given, it is most likely that the neighbors, seeing that smoke was coming out of the place where the roast beef was being prepared they thought something was on fire and preferred to alert the firefighters.

So far the video already has 300 views and 31 likes from TikTok users who surely laughed a little with this clip.


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