Meet Barry Mannakee, a bodyguard who FELL in LOVE with Lady Di and with whom he planned to RUN AWAY

Although it must have been a fairy tale marriage king charles iii and the Princess Diana, the reality is that it was quite the opposite, because over the years he was in the midst of controversies and speculations, mainly due to infidelities; One of the most striking stories has been related to Barry Mannakeea bodyguard of British royalty who fell in love with Lady Di and with whom planned to elope.

Over the years it is speculated that the marriage of the king charles iii Y Ladi Di went through several crises, and one of the most controversial is that the true love of the Princess Diana was an employee who worked with her and was in charge of her security, it is about Barry Mannakee. However, the romance was discovered and the lover he was fired, but months later he had a terrible outcome.

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