Lucha Villa married Rock and Roll icon

Villa fight is one of the great stars of the national show, because in addition to being a icon of the ranchera and mariachi genreswas also one of the celebrities who participated in several films of the Mexican cinema, since it conquered the public with her talent and beauty. The artist was considered one of the most beautiful, because she not only captivated her fans, but also some of the members of the artistic circlesuch as the member of a well-known gang of Rock And Roll who fell in love and married her.

Luz Elena Ruiz Bejarano, real name of the singer and actress, was born on November 30, 1936, in Camargo, Chihuahua, and began her modeling career, however, thanks to his particular voice, he made a leap to music and became a singer, at the same time, he began to do work on the big screen. Lucha had a rapid rise in her career, as she became popular and was one of the top representatives of the Mexican regional with songs like “Turn around”.

The singer was married five times Photo: Special

Which Rock and Roll icon did Lucha Villa marry?

Along with starting her career in the entertainment industry, also known as “The Chihuahua Snore” had several romances. By the 60s, the actress had already had two marriages: Mario Miller and Alejandro Camacho, with which it lasted only a couple of years, respectively. However, the interpreter “I woke up in your arms” gave her a new chance at love with Arthur Durazo, Member of “The Apsons”, a band of Rock And Roll that just like her, her career was beginning.

Arthur Durazo He was the guitarist of the group, which was one of the first to play the Rock and Roll genre in Mexico, unleashing a new wave starting in the 60s in which stars such as Angelica Maria, Enrique Guzman, Alberto Vazquez and Caesar Coast, as well as his brother Richard Rock. “The Apson Boys” They began to gain relevance thanks to their covers of American songs, which is why they met the Mexican regional singer.

Arturo Durazo was a guitarist for “Los Apson” Photo: Special

According to records, the couple of artists got married in the city of Agua Prieta, Sonora, where the name of the rock band came from. Neverthelesslove lasted a short time, since they were only together for about three months and they got divorced. In this way, the musician became the third husband of the five he had villa fight, who was also a mother on three occasions, since her children are: Rosa Elena, Carlos Alberto and María José.

Who are “The Apsons”?

The band started in the 50’s, thanks to Arturo Durazo and his brother Fernandowho brought together José Luis “Lichy” García, “Tránsito “Frankie” Gamez, Raúl “Cubano” Cota, Gilberto “Gil” Maldonado and Leopoldo “Polo” Sanchez, as well as Ismael Gerardo Valdez. According to anecdotes, the name was given by the announcer Ricardo Rivas, who suggested that they take the initials of the city of Awow Plaugh, Arenow, that’s where it came from “Apson” and then completed it with the word “Boys“.

They had a long way to succeed in music, as they began a tour of various parts of the republic with their own resources, playing at parties and some bars. It wasn’t until they arrived in Mexico City in 1963 that they auditioned for Peerless Discs where they stayed and released their first LP “The Apsons have arrived“, having great acceptance, so they revealed a second work titled “Dancing and singing with the Apsons”which included the cover of “The Hitchhiker” by Chubby Checker, which became a hit.

“It was in a cafe” “Dream sweet baby”, “Last night I fell in love”, “Lord Apache” and “There Is No Love” were some of the hits that made the Rock and Roll band some youth icons in the second half of the 60s. However, some differences arose so that the first to leave the lineup was “Polo”, vocalist, and then they followed him Frankie and “El Cubano” Cota.

The Apsons started with 7 members, but they had changes Photo: Special


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