Kylian Mbappé broke the silence and spoke about his alleged departure from the club in January

After the earthquake that caused in the world of soccer the rumor that handled the possibility that Kylian Mbappe left Paris Saint-Germain in January, the French striker made it clear in the mixed zone after the game against Olympic Marseille that its future in the short, medium and long term lies in the whole of the French capital.

In statements offered to RMC Sport, the French attacker was very clear about his status in the squad led by Christophe Galtier: “I am very happy and I have never asked for my departure in January”, and with this put an end to the wave of speculation regarding his career.

Mbappé firm in Paris

Regarding the controversy, which broke out during the draw against Benfica in the UEFA champions league, Mbappé assured that he had no involvement, and that he was taken by surprise; “This information that emerged on the day of the game I did not understand, I was as surprised as everyone else. People may think that I am involved, I am not involved at all.”

In that sense, he explained what he was doing while that rumor was circulating like wildfire: “I was taking a nap, my environment was at my little brother’s game (Ethan, with PSG in the Youth League), nobody from my environment was there. We were stunned when we found out”, commented the Frenchman, who for the first time gave an assist to Neymar so far this season.

Many rumors despite his stay

Despite the fact that in the summer he dealt the final blow to leave behind any possibility of leaving PSG for a long time, the rumors changed course and focused on the relationship that Mbappé maintains with the rest of his teammates, to the degree of evidencing that is avoided by some of them, despite the fact that they have repeatedly assured that everything is fine in the team.

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