Jordan Poole broke his silence on Draymond Green hitting him


Almost two weeks into their fight, Jordan Poole finally broke his silence about the punch he took from Draymond Green at Golden State Warriors training.

Draymond Green and Jordan Poole.
© Adam Glanzman/Getty ImagesDraymond Green and Jordan Poole.

It was less than two weeks before the new season of the National Basketball Association (NBA)and the biggest scandal in the entire league was the defending champions, Golden State Warriors. Then the video of the fight was leaked Draymond Green Y jordan pooleAnd the madness broke out.

That there are images of what happened, and the brutality of the same, caused that the actions of the franchise can no longer be completely behind closed doors. The situation escalated, and the first to publicly apologize was Green. But Poole still didn’t speak. Stephen Curry and company did not know how the issue would continue.

The first preseason game arrived with Draymond on the court after his time away from the Warriors, and although shy, there was an interaction with your partner. The greeting indicated that at least things were not going in the worst way. Now yes, it was the young escort’s turn to testify.

This Saturday the 23-year-old player received a extension of contract for four years and $140 million dollars. And on Sunday she finally had to answer questions from the press. Inevitably, he was consulted about the situation involving him and Green.

Jordan Poole breaks the silence

“On the situation with Draymond, he apologized, and we thought we’d handle it that way… That is really all I have to say on the matter. We are here to win a championship and continue to hang flags”Jordan Poole expressed about his conflict with Draymond Green.

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