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By Alex Fernandez Fernandez

Since the New York Yankees’ final series of the regular season ended in Arlington against the Rangers, Aaron Judge has lost his productive compass…as a leadoff hitter.

He has not been able to hit, and only in the second game he had three consecutive strikeouts, in addition to a ground ball to third base when he faced Emmanuel Clase, perhaps the best closer in the AL championship.

All these latest adventures have been carried out as the first in the batch of the Bronx; It shows that baseball has changed so much in its conception that managers prefer their best hitter at the top of the lineup.

But all this for one of the most important historical hitters of the Manhattan Bombings, Álex Rodríguez, is a sovereign nonsense. At least when it comes to Aaron Judge.

This is cheating baseball… It is ridiculous that [Judge] is batting leadoff. It’s a mistake. I don’t know who is doing it, Boone or Cashman, but someone has to change that immediately.”

“You don’t put your best player, your best hitter first. Ruth didn’t. Bonds did not. Frank Thomas did not. David Ortiz did not. I did not do it”.

The truth is that the subject of commanding the lineup has not been entirely productive for El Juez lately.

For the second date, also at Yankees Stadium, Judge was given a strikeout recital. It took three. Such mistreatment that he later went with a face of disbelief on the way to the dugout. A clear sign that things were going from bad to worse.

But Aaron Boone as helmsman taught a lesson, and in the most recent game on October 15, he gave Gleyber Torres the opportunity to be the leadoff hitter. Judge succeeded him in the lineup. And he looked better. He managed to hit a key hit with his two-run homer to tie the game.

A 2016 study of the modern trend of putting the most powerful hitters first in the set gives some clues as to how productive the method might be.

The balance of that year in the MLB season with the first bats was the following:

“First in home runs, RBIs and slugging. Seconds in OPS. Quarters in total bases and offensive average. 9th in OBP. They rank 55th in stolen bases and 58th in runs scored.”

But for the older candidate for this season’s MVP, the leading man, at least in these playoffs, hasn’t worked out for him. Although beware, Judge’s quality today gives him the ability to occupy any space in the lineup… from first to ninth. When you’re close to the triple crown

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