International Olympic Committee ratifies the suspension of Guatemala

Officially, Guatemalan athletes will not be able to participate under the Guatemalan flag in international competitions and in the Olympic Games.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND — “Since a solution could unfortunately not be found between the National Olympic Committee of Guatemala and the relevant Guatemalan authorities within the prescribed time frames, the suspension of the Olympic Committee of Guatemala has come into effect on October 15, 2022.”, indicates the press release published this Sunday by the International Olympic Committee.

Since last September 8, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee had warned Guatemala, after the Constitutional Court suspended the statutes of the Guatemalan Olympic Committee when considering certain irregularities, for which the IOC classifies it as political interference and for this reason Guatemala has been sanctioned.

It was on August 4 when the Constitutional Court resolved an appeal filed by the Electoral Court of Federated Sports –TEDEFE–, where it suspended several articles of the Code of Ethics and the statutes of the Guatemalan Olympic Committee.

The sanction confirmed this Sunday by the International Olympic Committee It is a consequence of the struggle for power in the Guatemalan Olympic Committee, since Jorge Rodas won the elections before TEDEFE, however, Gerardo Aguirre created his own Electoral Commission to remain in office.

According to what was pointed out by the International Olympic Committeethe suspension of Guatemala means that:

  • Athletes from Guatemala can no longer represent the country and compete under the country’s flag/name at the Olympic Games and other international multi-sport events.

  • The Guatemalan Olympic Committee no longer has the right to operate as an NOC in accordance with its role defined in the Olympic Charter and will no longer receive any funding from the Olympic Movement, until the suspension is lifted.

Finally, the International Olympic Committee invites the parties involved to meet and seek a solution to the conflict. “In the interest of the athletes and the Olympic Movement in Guatemala, the IOC has urged the Guatemalan Olympic Committee and the relevant Guatemalan authorities to meet and find an acceptable solution in accordance with the decision of the IOC Executive Board of September 8, 2022, which would allow the IOC to lift the suspension of the NOC as soon as possible.”

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