How did the 2022 Apertura MX League Semifinals turn out?

The Semifinals of the Apertura 2022 were defined with a America placed as the top favorite for the title after the great performance he has shown throughout the contest, although he will be accompanied by Toluca, Monterrey and Pachuca, clubs that may well end your dream given the quality of their squads and the football they have shown.

Unlike other contests, on this occasion there were no surprises and institutions with strong foundations advancedwhich provides a couple of high-level crosses between institutions that made their superiority clear in their crosses, except for the Hidalgo club, which advanced thanks to its better position in the general table.

How did the Liga MX Opening 2022 Semifinals turn out?

(1) America vs. (4) Toluca


Is about a series with a great history in Liguillaswhich is slightly loaded towards the chorizo ​​side, since nine times they met advanced in five, all of them in short tournaments (Summer 1998 Semifinals, Winter 2000 Quarterfinals, Clausura 2004 Quarterfinals, Bicentennial 2010 Quarterfinals and Apertura 2012 Semifinals); the Eagles, who were better in four of them, they can boast that they won the title in the Final of the 1970-71 season (the others in the Quarterfinals of the 1989-90 season, the Semifinals of the 2013 Opening and the 2018 Opening Quarterfinals).

  • Tentative date of the first leg: Wednesday, October 19.
  • Tentative date of the return: Saturday October 22.

(2) Monterey vs. (3) Pachuca


With the growth that both have experienced in the present millennium, it is not uncommon for them to be in definitive phaseseven with a Final played in the Clausura 2016, which was taken by the Tuzos. In the other three clashes, the hidalguenses advanced in two (2010 Closing Quarters and 2001 Summer Quarters), while the Regios did so in the other two (2004 Opening Quarters and 2010 Opening Quarters).

  • Tentative date of the first leg: Thursday, October 20.
  • Tentative date of the return: Sunday, October 23.

Official times and dates will be announced this Monday.

Semifinal format: is the away goal worth it? Are there penalties?

In the event that the teams finish tied on aggregate after the two matches, Those who have placed in the best position in the general table will advance to the Final..

In this case, those who arrive with the best perspective are América and Monterrey, clubs that finished in positions 1 and 2respectively.

In this case the away goal is not worthBesides that no chance of penalty kicks.

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