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Once Blue Cross was eliminated in Opening Tournament 2022, La Noria is already working on a 360 project; the first step for this plan is given, since halftime was able to confirm that Raul Gutierrez will remain as team coach and on Wednesday 19 he will meet with the club’s board to sign the contract that ensures his continuity in the project.

The Colt Gutierrez gathered the necessary arguments to stop being interim; even the elimination at the hands of Rayados del Monterrey in the Quarterfinals has the board in peace, thanks to the good performance which showed the template; Moreover, it is recognized that the forcefulness did not accompany them and, therefore, there are no reproaches for the Foal.

The 360 ​​project that arises Machine is based first on renewal of RPaul Gutierrezthen in search of a new sports director, as well as reinforcements; Of course, several players will be released, to give play and consolidation to the homegrown players.

Next step: sports management

Once the signing of the contract with the Colt Gutierrez, and its conditions are listened to and accepted, the directive of Blue Cross will bet on hiring a new sports directoras Carlos Lopez de Silanes will leave office, like a few weeks ago halftime of them advanced..

With the arrival of the new sports director at La Noria, planning will begin, together with the coach Raul Gutierrez, of a template that aspires to win the title in 2023.

In the cement institution they have analyzed some profiles to occupy the position of sports director; halftime could know that there was rapprochement with Gerardo Torradowho until a few months ago worked as general sports director of the Mexican Football Federation; Torrado is a character who fully identifies with Blue Cross, for his time as a player.

Nevertheless, Gerardo Torrado is not the only option for the position in La Maquina, he is also in the spotlight Duilio Davinowho recently announced that he will step down as sports president of Rayados del Monterrey, As soon as the team’s participation in the Opening 2022. The ex-America player is of interest because he did a great job with the royals: in seven years of management he managed two Concachampions titles, one Liga MX title and two Copa MX.

The topic Carlos Lopez de Silanes is becoming more and more complicated in La Noria, because their work has not convinced, at the end of Jaime Ordiales; It is known that this position is a key piece and since Ordiales left for the Directorate of National Teams in the FMF, Cruz Azul lost its way in that area.

Panorama of ups and downs in Cruz Azul

The plan to strengthen Cruz Azul is latent and labeled as urgent; like for a few tournaments, the defensive line is a priority and in this semester the injuries increased this need. players like Julio César “Cata” Domínguez, Luis Abram, Alejandro Mayorga and José Joaquín Martínez they would not enter into plans; the board would bet on looking for a couple of defenders for that area.

the juveniles Rodrigo Huescas and Rafael Guerrero have their place in the rear, but in the case of the Puppy will have to wait for their recovery, which is still expected to take a couple of months, while with Huesca trust is total and they will support you to fulfill his dream of one day playing in Europe.

In midfield, the performance of players like rafael baca it is in the analysis; On the other hand, it is expected that after the Qatar World Cup 2022, Uriel Antuna or Charly Rodríguez get good deals. others like Ángel Romero and Iván Morales are no longer considered. Romero’s high salary request is what has hindered the renewal negotiations and with Morales his patience ran out.

Gonzalo Carneiro and Michael Estrada they still do not have the weight of the lethal striker they are looking for Machinebut it is expected that with more work and minutes they can exploit their qualities, although yes, it is contemplated to sign an element of greater weight to have that reference scorer with the cement fans.

Raul Gutierrez you have already analyzed the players that could be added to your scheme, for example Antonio Briseno; directed it with Under 17 in the 2011 World Cup and is totally trustworthy. Sebastian Perez Bouquet He is another of the players that the coach would have in his sights due to his quality, which could be taken up by El Potro, after the youth has lost prominence in Chivas.

At the moment, players will have about three weeks vacation, Upon his return, the structure of the directive and the ratified technical body will be defined; then will come the preseason to face the 2023, which is desired to crown.

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