HAITI – Heavy fire machinery is ready to act in Haiti

With four of 18 high-powered fireteams almost ready to roll over the dangerous streets of the capital, Port-au-Prince, the Haitian National Police high command has vowed to restore security to that country.

He promises to achieve this in the face of gangs that not only sow fear, destruction and death over the population, but also the very police force that he has shown not to fear.

In a meeting with a representation from Canada and the United States that delivered these war chariots, the high police command thanked the governments of these North American countries, who “facilitated the transportation and delivery of this equipment.”

In a press statement, the police also “warmly thanked the Haitian population for their patience and their defense” on behalf of the Police.

The total number of teams is 18. 14 are missing, plus a saber, weapons and ammunition.

ask for support from the people

The Haitian superior officers promised to make “rational use of these new materials and equipment, and once again seek the cooperation of the population and all sectors of national life to restore a viable security climate.”

This gesture, he added, “reflects the will of the Government of the Republic to strengthen the operational capacity of the PNH to counter armed gangs and banditry in the country; and further protect life and property.”

These fearsome armored machines, with great firepower, are expected to operate with Haitian police forces willing to openly fight the gangs, who have been the victims of a strong offensive by them in recent months.

Among other events, they have burned down barracks, murdered members, and stolen equipment and weapons.

But these armored devices are a great challenge for criminal groups in Haiti, because they could enter enclaves dominated by them and resist their attacks, whose firepower would not harm the rolling structure.

The only way to stop their heavy armor and mobility would be mines and heavy artillery, which these individuals are not currently known to have access to.

The advantages

A main battle tank is an armored, tracked attack vehicle designed to engage enemy forces by direct fire. The modern main battle tank is distinguished by its high firepower, mobility, and protection against other vehicles of its time.

The AP agency reported last Saturday that the United States and Canada had sent armored vehicles to Haiti to help the Police stop the violent protests.

The US State Department said in a statement that the equipment was purchased by the Haitian government, but did not provide further details.

“This team will help [a la Policía Nacional de Haití] in their fight against criminal actors who foment violence and disrupt the flow of urgently needed humanitarian assistance, hampering efforts to stop the spread of cholera.”

In addition, the United States Government revealed last Wednesday that in the coming days basic products for the treatment of the bacterial disease will be delivered, including ‘cholera kits’, chlorine, water, oral rehydration serums and other supplies that are they urgently need.

They set fire to houses

A group of armed Haitians set fire to dozens of houses in the center of Croix-des-Bouquets, according to a report by the Vant Bef Info media outlet, an event that has been related to the war between gangs for domination of territory.

Last Saturday night, the Pernier armed gang attacked one of the members of the “400 Mawozos” gang staying in the city center of Croix-des-Bouquets.

Although Pernier’s gang is an old ally and friend of those under attack on Saturday, it has burned dozens of houses in the territory of what now appear to be its new enemies.

In the towns of Rémy, Falaise and Raisin, among others, in the center of the city, “several innocent families continue to live without a home,” writes the Haitian outlet.

Meanwhile, the Haitian population remains terrified during the hours-long clashes due to fierce gunfire between the two rival gangs.

Another blow to the country

Haiti is in shock following the news of the unexpected death in Paris of artist Michael Benjamin, says Mikaben, a singer widely admired for his charisma and the quality of his production in particular.

Tributes are pouring in from all sides.

Haiti has been facing a sociopolitical crisis since the assassination of its president, Jovenel Moise, on July 7, 2021.


An armored fighting vehicle is a military unit, equipped with some form of protection against hostile attack, and usually with weapons. Armored fighting vehicles are designed to be able to move on different terrains.


They are classified depending on their task on the battlefield and their characteristics. This classification varies between the armies of different countries, assigning a different type to the same design. Some definitions overlap, with armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles having a very similar role.

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