Guido Gómez warns that he will compete with Abinader for the presidential candidacy of the PRM

The leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Guido Gomez Mazaraaffirmed that he is determined to “build a programmatic offer within the party, linked to the popular sectors, which claims the liberal and progressive center, but which fundamentally promotes the pending reforms in the country that have been postponed.”

He revealed that PRM leaders visited him and they told him that universal voting could not be allowed in the party to choose the Executive Directorate, but rather an assembly of delegates, because President Luis Abinader would supposedly lose.

interviewed by Paul McKinney In the television program “McKinney”, by Color Vision, Gómez Mazara stated that his political project has a greater connection with the popular bases of the country, while President Abinader projects himself towards the corporate sectors.

“In the base and the middle leadership of the party, the things that I can postulate in defense of what they represent, are closer to the things that Luis (Abinader) proposes,” said Gómez Mazara.

He expressed that “when the economic situation, social conflicts, dissatisfaction of the party base and a party leadership that only assumes genuflection as coexistence rule, things are not going well”.

He argued that the President “has a conception closer to the country’s corporate sectors, as a result of his experience. He is closer to them than to the party’s electoral social base.”

remembered that the reason for founding the PRM was to overcome the old practices of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) of concentrating all power in one person, for which he claimed the spirit of plurality.

He said that although Abinader is building a “possibility based on creativity in polling, that is doing him a lot of damage.”

Gómez Mazara explained that they are trying to present Abinader, with surveys, as “the unbeatable entity in the internal strife (to choose the presidential candidate of 2024), and that is not the case”.

He stated that “two years before the (last) elections, Danilo Medina was closer to heaven than to earth and today he cannot go out to a supermarket.”

The PRM leader indicated that he saw a survey in which he says that 64% of the party’s base and middle leadership “are dissatisfied and do not feel represented,” and 52% of the Perremeist base maintains that “they are not going to a re-election process.

Gómez Mazara said that at the peak of popularity Abinader won the elections with 52% sympathybut after two years of government “everyone knows that his sympathy has not increased.”

“In Latin America, no government has been successful in the framework of an inflationary process. Thats the reality. The International Monetary Fund projected a growth of 5.3% of the economy. He no longer says so”, pointed out the leader of the ruling party.

He warned that 2023 “is going to be a year of many difficulties” and in his opinion “electoral success is not sustained when there is hunger, there is scarcity and there is difficulty” and if the Abinader government is not perceiving it, “there they are.”

Regarding the election of the presidential candidate, Gomez Mazara He said that the regulations say that registration will open from the 30th of this month and that the choice will be made with all those who are on the list.

“I hope that the method (to choose the presidential candidate) is universal, direct and secret… I am not going to remain calm as I remained for the leadership of the party,” warned the PRM leader.

He considered that the democratic way of choosing the Presidential candidate it is through the universal vote, because “the tricks of the parties can no longer be imposed on society.”

Gómez Mazara expressed that Abinader must go to a democratic competition for the election of the PRM candidate despite the advantages of having the government, officials and “the apparatus.”

About the PLD primaries To choose his presidential candidate, the PRM leader argued that Abel Martínez must win against Margarita Cedeño who “is backed by Danielism.”

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