Gerard Piqué “didn’t care” that Shakira saw how Clara Chía Martí lives with her children

A few days ago, the program The fat and the skinny revealed some photographs in which Clara Chía Martí is seen with Shakira’s children and with Gerard Piqué. However, now it comes to light that it was the footballer himself who authorized that these images be published, since the journalist Jordi Martin assured that Gerard Piqué “didn’t care”.

Gerard Piqué is still in the eye of the hurricane after his courtship with Shakira ended after 12 years of love relationship, well, weeks later, confirmed that his new girlfriend is Clara Chía Martía young student of 23 years.

Clara Chía Martí lives with Shakira’s children

The journalist Jordi Martin revealed some photographs in which Clara Chía Martí appears living with Shakira’s children on a soccer field, while Sasha and Milan play with Gerard Piqué. Some fans of the singer assured that those images could cause a great annoyance to ShakiraWell, since she separated from Piqué, it has been revealed that she prefers that the little ones live with her in Miami.

Gerard Piqué approved that Shakira saw Clara Chía Martí living with Sasha and Milan

The photos of Clara Chía Martí and Shakira’s children it was not a surprise for Gerard Hammeredbecause Jordi Martin assures that he already knew that those images would come to light and that he would even have approved of going around the world. According to the portal Latfanthe reporter revealed that he asked Piqué for permission before publishing the photos, to which the footballer replied that he did not care.

“I have asked Gerard Piqué for permission, I asked him: Hey, do you mind if these photos see the light or can they hurt you?, and his answer was that he absolutely did not care”commented the journalist.

shakira and pique
Gerard Piqué assured that he did not care if the photos came to light. Photo: Instagram @3gerardpique

Gerard Piqué would be taking revenge on Shakira

Since Shakira announced her separation from Gerard Piqué, the footballer has given what to talk about doing as if those 12 years of courtship had not happened. Let us remember that, a few weeks after their separation, Gerard Piqué began a relationship with Clara Chía Martí and now we know that he did not care if the images of the young woman living with Sasha and Milan they came to light. According to Shakira fans, this could be a revenge towards the singer by the soccer player.

Also, the journalist assures that the place where the images were taken is the family home of Shakira and Gerard Piquéso they could be a great annoyance for the singer, because, on the one hand, she had to do how Clara Chía Martí gets along with Sasha and Milan and on the other hand, knowing that they were in the house where Shakira and Gerard Piqué lived together as a family.

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