First problem? The controversial situation in which Fernando Hierro finds himself after his arrival at Chivas

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The new Sports Director of the Flock accepted the position; however, he has a prearranged commitment that could distract him from his duties at Guadalajara.


The arrival of the Spanish Fernando Hierro to the Sports Directorate of Chivas It has generated great controversy due to the divided opinions of fans and even specialists; However, there is a situation in which the famous former Real Madrid player could experience his first controversy in Mexican soccer.

The Guadalajara has not yet made the official announcement of its new managerso they will wait for him to arrive in Mexico to be able to sign the contract and announce it with great fanfare in the Guadalajara institution and thereby begin to shape the restructuring that the people of the Flock are looking for.

However, on August 11, the caTelemundo television network announced the arrival of Hierro as an analyst for the next World Cupso he must fulfill that commitment in the middle of the chiverío preseason, coupled with the full transfer market.


Interestingly, a few weeks ago the controversy arose because the then Sports Director of the Flock, Ricardo Peláez, left Guadalajara for a day to attend the homage to Enrique Dog Bermúdez, for which many fans and even specialists severely criticized him on social networks.

What will be the first decisions of Fernando Hierro in Chivas?

The new Sports Director will announce his list of prospects for the technical direction of Guadalajarato later, together with that helmsman, define the rest of the squad’s assembly, that is, the players that will remain and which ones would leave the Guadalajara team for the next Clausura 2023.

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