Eugenia Cauduro remembers her romance with Miguel Alemán Magnani: “It was the love of my life”

  • Eugenia Cauduro and Miguel Alemán Magnani had a relationship after he claimed her for several months.
  • Miguel Alemán Magnani proposed to Eugenia Cauduro in San Miguel de Allende, after finishing filming a project, dedicating the song ‘Piel Canela’ to her with a trio.
  • Eugenia Cauduro and Miguel Alemán Magnan dated for a year and a half and what they experienced was so important for the actress that she considers him the love of her life.

After reaching Televisa where Miguel Aleman Magnani functioned as Vice President of Corporate Image of the television station, Eugenia Cauduro She ended up falling in love with him, after the businessman wanted her for several months.

The actress recalled her love story next to the businessman in an interview on the program ‘The Minute that Changed My Destiny’ and mentioned that after a long time that he was pretending to her, she finally decided to go out with him, although the actress had a boyfriend.

“I began to be the image (of Televisa)… I was still modeling at the same time and suddenly I am nominated for some awards… and I was nominated for best model and Enrique Castillo-Pesado (journalist) arrives, I went with my mother and my sister and he tells me, ‘my dearest Eugenia, someone wants to meet you’ and I, ‘who?’… ‘your boss’ (he tells me), whatever, I didn’t spin, ‘let’s see, come with me’, and I… ‘ma’ I’m coming right now, he’s my boss so I’m coming right now, I’m going to do my job, and it was a very heavy table… I didn’t I knew no one, in reality my profile has been very simple, ”he began to tell.

“The thing is, I already got to the table and I was… Gabriel Alarcon (former owner of the newspaper ‘El Heraldo de México’), Rafael Herrerias (former administrator of the Mexico bullring), I think he was also David Silvati (bullfighter), well, cream and cream and (Enrique) tells me, ‘this is Miguel’, we met and it was ‘ah, how handsome, nice to meet you’, Miguel is a gentleman in every way and ‘nice to meet you’ and I went to my table, I didn’t sit (with them) or anything, I’ve always been quite cautious, let it feel good who we’re talking to”, he commented.

After finally meeting, the lawyer invited Cauduro to a party that he did not go to, because after winning the award for which he was nominated, he preferred to celebrate with his mother by eating some tacos; In addition, the actress said that at the time she had a boyfriend and no matter how much the businessman was looking for her, she did not give a ‘green light’ at all, “I was on my roll with the models and with everyone and he looked for me a couple of times, I had a boyfriend, then he sent me tickets for the Sting concert and since I didn’t give the green light for anything, I did go (to the Sting concert) but not with him, with my boyfriend and he was behind… we arrived by subway”, he recalled.

Eugenia Cauduro remembers her romance with Miguel Alemán Magnani

After the concert, Eugenia and her then-boyfriend thanked her for the tickets, but the businessman wanted to make it clear to the actress that he was claiming her, “As if I couldn’t find where, he sent me some poinsettias that I think didn’t come through the door of my house, I just spoke to him to thank him but I kept marking my distance, I didn’t give rise to anything”he indicated.

The actress then recalled that it was until they worked together in the Mexico Bullring that she realized that she could give Miguel Alemán Magnani a chance in love, “she had to film dressed as a bullfighter first and in the afternoon, in between of a real bullfight, and I didn’t even know what to do, I had to leave very happy and I was with a heart that couldn’t be sad, I said ‘I can’t watch this, I’m pro-animal, I can’t’, I was very wrong… we did the first part and I cut to eat, they put some tubes in me, I cover myself and Miguel arrives and says, ‘now yes, you won’t escape me, let’s eat’ and I said ‘with these tubes?’ And we went to the restaurant that belonged to Miguel Herrerías and that was our first outing, me in tubes about to go to the bullfight where I argued with him heatedly and he patiently answered absolutely everything, ‘don’t worry’”.

Eugenia Cauduro remembers her romance with Miguel Alemán Magnani

To follow the bullfighting tradition, a party was organized after the bull was given to the actress, “I didn’t know about all this, Miguel is in charge… I had a great time, super respectful, he didn’t even insinuate me or anything and I always put my limits and the next day we went to San Miguel de Allende… to film various things there and he lived in Satélite and told me ‘I’ll come by you’, I liked him very much that night, I said ‘how nice, very respectful, a gentleman, and on the way to San Miguel, I laughed like crazy, he told me about his mother when she was Miss Universe, an incredible talk, the ice was broken”.

Finally, Eugenia agreed to have an affair with the businessman, “Let it be clear that it was not that I saw him and I was already his girlfriend, that is important. Actually (he) hadn’t asked me even once but he was presentsent me details and A couple of months had already passed, from the awards to that moment when we went to San Miguel, one night before the bullring happens, I loved that he didn’t mind taking me out to eat in tubes, yes he caught my attention I said ‘what a father’”.

Eugenia Cauduro remembers her romance with Miguel Alemán Magnani

However, during the filming in San Miguel de Allende, Eugenia Cauduro ended up injured in the foot by a horse and that was when the actress realized that she did want to go out with the businessman, “he almost charged me and he arrived when I was in the room with a ground onion and him with his hands, he could have sent me (someone) to rub my foot with onion, he came with his beautiful little hands to put onions on my stinky and sweaty foot. Between the night before, between the details that I had already had, between the horse, I had already been seeing and observing him for months and so on and when he rubbed my foot with onions, I said, this is great and the last night, after about 7 days to be in San Miguel, he had a party and arrived with a trio and on the way back he sang the song by Pedro Vargas (Piel Canela)and that night he comes to sing it to me seriously and tells me, ‘I love you, do you want to be my girlfriend?’ And I said, ‘of course I do’”.

Although their relationship ended after a year and a half, Eugenia considered that the businessman was “the love of her life.” and keep good memories of him, “We lasted about a year and a half, the best memories, I had an incredible time, I learned a lot, I had a great time, it has everything to make a poor civilian feel like a princess but also polite, cute, gentlemanly, well yes it was the love of my life”, he concluded.

Eugenia Cauduro remembers her romance with Miguel Alemán Magnani

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