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The passion in Argentine soccer, when it is well channeled, leaves us with unforgettable images like the one from this Sunday, since over 70 thousand souls made him shudder River Plate Monumental Stadium when chanting as a single voice “Muñeeeeco”, in a goodbye full of emotion for Marcelo Gallardo.

Winner of 14 titles in eight years At the head of the Millionaires, Gallardo directed River for the penultimate time (last at home) and the people wanted to thank him in a thunderous way, with crying players and followers leaving the voice in each cry, in addition to carrying flags, rags, balloons and fireworks.

The Madrid Final, Gallardo’s greatest achievement

As we have already said, it was more than a dozen trophies, but none as remembered as the call “End of the Century” played in Madrid in December 2018. One of the blankets dedicated to Gallardo in his goodbye prayed from the members’ gallery: “Thank you Muñe. You are eternal like Madrid.”

That Epic final of the Copa Libertadores in December 2018 at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium it was Gallardo’s most glorious hour as DT and for River in its entire history. Win over their archrival Boca Juniors 3-1 in the Spanish capital is a memorable event for those in the capital’s neighborhood of Núñez and the luminous face of the planet River in the contemporary era.

The match against Rosario Central, on Sunday night, for the penultimate date of the Argentine League, remained an anecdote as it became a tribute party, with a hint of sadness at the farewell. On the sidelines, a weak little flame had been lit by the defeat of the leader Boca against Newell’s, with River four points behind, in a fight for the title that also includes Racing and Atlético Tucumán.

Gallardo’s titles in River Plate

Gallardo became, along with Ángel Labruna, one of the characters with the most titles in the history of River with a total of 22, because he got eight as a player and 14 in the technical direction.

  1. South American Cup 2014
  2. South American Recopa 2015
  3. Libertadores Cup 2015
  4. Suruga Bank 2015
  5. South American Recopa 2016
  6. Argentina Cup 2016
  7. Argentine Cup 2017
  8. Argentine Super Cup 2017 (Disputed in 2018)
  9. Libertadores Cup 2018
  10. South American Recopa 2019
  11. Argentina Cup 2019
  12. Argentine Super Cup 2019 (Disputed in 2021)
  13. Professional Football League 2021
  14. Champions Trophy 2021

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