Emily Cinnamon, daughter of canelo, lived in poverty with her fatherMediotiempo

Over the weekend, the daughter of Saul “Canelo” AlvarezEmily Cinnamon, celebrated her XV in a party in which nothing was spared so that she enjoyed it to the fullest, to the extent not only of having people from Grupo Firme singing ‘Las Mañanitas’ or wearing a dress by the designer Wil Medina that shocked those who watched it.

The inspiration of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez

For Saúl there was no restriction so that the young woman could achieve her dreams, so she left it to her to outline how she wanted, since the only thing he wanted is for him to “be happy with his XV years”this despite the fact that he was turning 17 years old, since born in october 2005But that was not important.

In addition to Grupo Firme, figures of the stature of Carín León or Ángel Menowho delighted not only the party, but also the guests and hosts, including Saúl, who was encouraged to dance and sing his songs on a joyful night.

At what age did Canelo have his first daughter?

Saúl has recalled in various interviews that the birth of Emily Cinnamon occurred when he was young (then he was 17 years old), so he did not have sufficient financial resources, although he did have a great desire to get ahead.

He worked and went to train, because he was focused on being world champion. It was difficult. At 16 she had a girlfriend and she got pregnant. I got together to grasp my responsibility well. There were times when I didn’t even have milk or diapers for my daughter, and in boxing I didn’t win anything.. Sometimes not even for the truck. He worked in the paletería and thank God we ate every day, although he didn’t have anything,” he explained to Who in November 2011.

However, he did not complain, since he said he was “happy with what he had”, according to an interview he gave to People and was published last September.

He lacked many things, but he was happy; he was the only thing she knew. One has to manage to get everything working. That’s why I’m where I amSaúl recalled, who pleased Emily Cinnamon with the biggest party he could offer her.

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