Cosculluela is released with an electronic shackle

The exponent of urban music Cosculluela was released with an electronic shackle After posting the bail imposed by the Humacao Court, confirmed the Press Office of the Department of Justice to the Puerto Rican press.

To ensure that the artist appears at the preview scheduled for October 31 on accusations of gender violence that his ex-partner, Jennifer Fungenzi Jaques, made against him, Judge Carlos Capó, of the Court of First Instance of Humacao, imposed a bail of $240,000 this morning, which he provided through a private guarantor.

In addition, the robed ordered to put an electronic shackle on him as a precautionary supervisory measure.

This medium learned that José Fernando Cosculluela Suárez’s defense attorney, Yanitsia Irizarry Méndez, acquiesced to the Court’s determination.

Since it transpired that the artist had been arrested at the Humacao Comandancia after having appeared with the lawyer, she has not answered the multiple calls that have been made to her cell phone.

Of the 15 charges against the exponent, five of these correspond to the crime of mistreatment under article 3.1 of Law 54, five charges are for mistreatment and threats under article 3.3, two charges under article 3.2 (i), which is classified as mistreatment of a pregnant woman and an additional charge for breaking into the alleged victim’s dwelling under Article 3.2 (a).

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