Club América fans explode against Miguel Layún for questionable action against Jürgen Damm

Sunday, October 16, 2022

The Eagles of America are one of the first semi-finalists of the Liga MX Opening Tournament 2022! And it is that after defeating by a score of 5-1 the Puebla Stripthe set directed by Ferdinand Ortiz He got his ticket to the next round of the contest, where he will wait patiently to meet his next rival.

The goals of the second leg between América and Puebla

In fact, yesterday Brian Rodríguez, Henry Martín, Roger Martínez Álvaro Fidalgo and Miguel Layún became the authors of the annotations that made the audience explode with joy and euphoria. Aztec stadium, venue that has witnessed various first team victories and of course, has witnessed the joy of the fans who have attended to accompany the club on this journey.

The context of the case of Miguel Layún and Jürgen Damm

And although the atmosphere that exists inside and outside Coapa is extremely good and positive, yesterday a scenario was presented that immediately went viral through social networks, as some Internet users pointed out and criticized Miguel Layun for a specific action.

According to the publications and opinions found on Twitter, a large part of the fans consider that the penalty that was charged by the 34-year-old winger had to be executed by Jurgen Damman element that previously scored a goal that the whistle of the match annulled due to an offside.

In addition, some commented and remarked that they expected a certain degree of empathy and attention from Miguel towards Damm, but seeing that Layún took the ball, he unleashed the anger of the Americanist community.

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