Chivas makes Fernando Hierro official as the new sports director

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It’s official! The Guadalajara Club Chivas announced the addition of Ferdinand Iron as the new sports director. the legend of real Madrid arrives in Mexican territory to lead the restructuring of the Guadalajara complex ahead of the tournament Closure 2023. Where the group from Guadalajara will seek to fight at the top of the table and win the title.

This is how Chivas announced its new Sports Director

The Club Guadalajara He shared a video through his social networks where you can see the owner of the team, Amaury Vergara, writing a letter, which he delivers along with a jacket to a club employee. who makes the trip to Madrid Spain to deliver to Ferdinand Iron.

“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work with you, it is a beautiful challenge that we have ahead of us. A hug for all”is the message that Ferdinand Iron he sent to the rojiblanca fans during his presentation video as the team’s new sports director. Ending with the hashtag: The Iron Goats.

Iron will look for these qualities for the new Chivas DT

In the same way, Ferdinand Iron spoke of the qualities he will look for in the next technical director of the Club Guadalajaraafter the interim of Richard Chain had its end last Sunday. where he stated that “He must be able to work well with young people”, “who knows Mexican soccer” and what preferably “has had experience in European football”.

Amaury Vergara began a total re-structuring of the club after the Chivas were eliminated from the tournament Opening 2022during the Repechage at the hands of Club Puebla. El Rebaño has not managed to play a Final since they got the twelfth league in Clausura 2017.

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