Artificial intelligence reduces medical costs by 50%

The use of artificial intelligence reduces medical costs by 50 percent, according to data from Frost & Sullivanwho also highlight that this tool can process millions of laboratory reports and analyze data more efficiently and quickly.

And it is that, intelligent machines already act as medical assistants to improve processes and diagnoses and, even, they can support the surgical interventions of some patients. In addition, health professionals already use artificial intelligence to make decisions about treatments or to detect diseases.

“In a laboratory, the number of diagnostic tests can be doubled, which can reduce the natural processing time by 50 percent”, said the business director of the Health of ERNI Consulting Spain, Albert Alsina.

Specifically, the use of new technologies such as the ‘cloud’ or Artificial Intelligence in the health sector allows monitoring data to track patient patterns, in terms of voice, pulse, behavioral data, respiratory, glycemic or vital parameters, among others. All this, with the aim of providing data and facilitating the task of professionals in the treatment and prediction of diseases.

In this sense, Alsina has stressed that technology and advances in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients will make it possible to have a medicine «increasingly personalized, precise and predictive». Precisely, it is already investing in the research of medical applications and devices capable of diagnosing diseases at a very early stage.

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