Alfredo Tena surrendered to the quality of Álvaro FidalgoMediotiempo


Alfredo Tenalegendary soccer player America clubhighlighted the technical qualities of the azulcrema midfielder: Alvaro Fidalgo. The Spaniard has shown off as one of the best elements of the most winning team in the history of Mexican soccer and is looking to cement his effort with a title.

Fidalgo is a very important piece: Tena

I think there is someone who is fundamentalin terms of dynamics and in terms of giving depth to the team, which is (Álvaro) Fidalgo. When the ball goes through him, it always goes deep. Sometimes it goes to the sides, distributes well, he gives time to the play and when the attack needs to be deepened he does so“, Tena declared in an interview with TUDN.

“He also has a goal, he has a goal pass, so I think andhe He is being a very important piece in the core of the team. It seems to me that he is in a good moment and is giving time just at the pace of the team”. The legendary defender of the Coapa team is confident that his team can aspire to add his fourteenth title of Mexican soccer.

Of course yesbecause I have seen the whole process, the players are in a good momentthe board will surely be supporting, I think the team is for champion, I couldn’t be sure for many things, but is to compete for the title“.

Regarding the injury of the center forward of the Mexican National Team, Raul JimenezCaptain Fury “sees it difficult” for the Tepeji wolf to recover 100% for the Qatar World Cup 2022because he considers that the skull injury he suffered a few campaigns ago continues to take its toll, leading to other injuries.

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