World Cup arrived in Mexico and was received at an event at AIFAMediotiempo

Mexico City /

With an event that included regional Mexican music and the participation of former soccer players like Carles Puyol, this Saturday I arrive to Mexico City the youropheus of the world cupwhich begins its tour presented by Coca-Cola in Latin America.

The throphy I arrive to the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) where he was received in a private event with Sedena staff, diplomats, and special guests as foreign secretary Marcelo Ebrard, Roberto Mercadé, president of Coca-Cola and the ambassador of Qatar Mohammed Alkuwari.

The Sedena prepared a show with regional Mexican music that was performed by an orchestra with musicians from the secretariat and dancers. The World Cup was later revealed with Puyol Y Ebrard Like the main guests. That yes, nobody touched the cup and it was always inside its showcase, because that honor is for the winners of the World Cup.

The world Cup will be in Utopia Meyehualco on the Iztapalapa Mayor’s Office this October 15 and will be exhibited to the general public starting this October 16. Later it will be sent to Guadalajara and then to Monterey where he will end his tour presented by Coca-Cola in Mexico on October 20. Later it will be sent to other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Argentina.

Those who visit the trophy will be able to enjoy of different activities organized by Coca-Cola: “they will be able to paint their face with the flag, create designs inspired by players and will be able to demonstrate their sports skills and knowledge of soccer”. Likewise, the public “will be able to play challenges on the 3×3 courts and even take a picture with the Original Trophy.” For get the Access to these events fans must “participate in the special Coca-Cola Sin Azúcar and Powerade promotions on the Coca-Cola En tu Hogar, Rappi and Cornershop digital platforms, or they can go to participating McDonald’s stores.”

“As Roberto (president of Coca-Cola Mexico) said, it is the most valued trophy on the planet and for which 32 teams will participate and for which we have prepared for the last four years. Today, just over a month I am excited to receive it with all of you. symbolizes the huge happiness of those who can touch it, who are only the winners of the tournament,” said louis yonpresident of the Mexican Soccer Federation.

While the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard said that Mexico should Sound in great so that one day Selection Mexican manage to win the World Cup, with the goal of staying in the country and not just coming to the tour.

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