Why we get flatus when exercising and how to avoid it

We have all had flatus at some time if we are practicing sports, especially runners, who have had to endure the hard work of running and suddenly begin to feel a strong annoying pain in the abdomen. This is known as flatus and it can ‘in crescendo’ until you are literally not allowed to make one more movement in the training.

Flatus is a pain that appears in the side when we are doing sports. According to Andrea de Ayala, a personal trainer, this pain can become very intense and usually occurs in the diaphragm with the practice of intense sports. The diaphragm is the muscle responsible for push the lungs to expel air in the breath, and is located between the abdomen and the lungs.

“There are several reasons why flatus is believed to occur, and one of them is the tension that occurs when we play sports, especially when we run or do high impact, since the organs move downwards and the diaphragm Move up to eject air from the lungs“, bill. Another theory that he shuffles is that of irritation of the peritoneum, which is the membrane that surrounds the organs of the abdomen: “This usually happens if we have ingested food or liquid before practicing sports.”

Lastly, the coach assures that carrying out inadequate breathing while practicing sports can also produce flatus, and would explain why we need to stop this activity until we are able to continue it again without this pain in the abdomen.

prevent it from appearing

There are some ways that can avoid the appearance of flatus:

1. breath control. All experts, whether from psychology, fitness or nutrition, emphasize the importance of knowing how to breathe. Ideally, you inhale the air through the nose and expel it through the mouth, but completely emptying that air from the lungs before a new intake so that the diaphragm relaxes.

two. Do the digestion well. Have you eaten before that training session where you got flatus? Make sure that the food eaten previously is not too heavy so that digestion is faster.

3. Drink in small sips. Small drinks are better than large amounts.

Four. do warm up. It is always advisable to warm up before starting any physical activity. In this case, it was not going to be less. Remember to stretch well to avoid flatus.

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