What is barbell rowing? These are the exercises you should practice and their immediate benefits

The barbell row exercise is a classic that never fails when developing back muscles. This modality allows you to load a lot of weight on the bar and it is a bodybuilding classic that works. However, technique is very important. gain strength and muscle.

Lifters who are used to performing this type of exercise must pay attention to certain specific details so that the move is done correctly and take advantage of the effort. Although it is a simple exercise, good technique is required.

From here we are going to talk long and hard about rowing with bars and we are going to give you instructions so that you know how to do it correctly. In any case, if you are determined to develop your muscles through this exercise, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a physical trainer.

The barbell row is very useful for working the muscles of the upper mid back, but also to develop the trapezius, rhomboids, dorsal and deltoids. The shoulders are also involved in the movement, as well as the core and glutes when maintaining a leaning position.

How to do the barbell row: step by step


The first thing is to load the bar with the plates. Then spread your feet to keep them in line with your hips, drive your glutes back and twist your hips to grab the bar.


To be able to do this exercise correctly, we must have a straight back, shoulders aligned, and the gluteus and lower back following the same line.


Keep your eyes straight ahead and deadlift your arms straight down without rounding your back.


Now grab the bar and bring it up to your chest with your wrists straight, opening your elbows a bit to make the process easier.


Once you return to the ground, do not let your arms fall abruptly, maintaining the posture and controlling the movement.

Barbell Row Variations

We have mentioned the inclined barbell row, but there are some variants that we are going to describe below:

  • Overhand Row. The main change that occurs in this exercise is the grip, since the palms of the hands must face upwards. It is perfect for doing more work on the latissimus dorsi.
  • T bar row. It is done with the bar inclined and a support point is needed to hold the end.
  • dumbbell row. Here the bar is replaced by a dumbbell. The technique is performed in the same way, although this exercise provides a greater range of motion.
  • rowing lying on bench. The barbell row is performed standing up, but this exercise is performed face down on a bench.
  • Standing Barbell Shoulder Row. In this case, the back should be vertical and the goal will be to bring the bar to the chin.

This information does not replace in any case the diagnosis or prescription by a doctor. It is important to go to a specialist when symptoms appear in case of illness and never self-medicate.

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