“We are the same, we do not send messages to anyone”, Tano OrtizMediotiempo

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Ferdinand Ortizcoach of América, was measured tonight at the end of the game between America Y Puebla corresponding to the Round of the Quarterfinals in which they sentenced a 11-2 aggregate record. The DT ruled out that with this win his club send special messages their potential rivals in the following series.

I don’t know the messagewe are always the same, we do not send messages to anyoneThey study us, we insist on what we believe, whether it is right or wrong is part of what our rivals have in mind”.

And there is no doubt that Ortiz looked pretty calm Y without celebrating nor in a personal or group way what was done by his club, because the win becomes a chapter in the history of Mexican soccer.

“I am going to emphasize this, we are focused on the result and not on the operation, let’s see, so that it does not sound bad, I am more interested in how a match was resolvednot the goals, the records, we go to the semifinals, tomorrow we will know our rival, I don’t want to size thingsbe one, be two, the important thing is the Semifinal”, he commented.

“We are a big club”

Regarding the revolution he had Tano since his arrival at Coapathe strategist highlighted one of the arguments that he has repeated at every moment inside the dressing room.

“From the first moment I insisted that we were a big teamthe risks have to be taken to adapt what we have in mind, we are a big team and we always have to attackwith the risks that we have to take, but always going to the front”.

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