US to start processing permit applications for Venezuelans on Tuesday

Two days after the announcement of the new immigration rule for Venezuelan immigrants, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed on Saturday in an exclusive interview with the voice of america that the registration process will begin next Tuesday, October 18.

“We are anticipating that on Tuesday morning the legal process to present the applications will begin,” said Blas Núñez-Neto, in charge of border policy at the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS, for its acronym in English). .

The new immigration law approved last Wednesday will grant 24.00 visas to immigrants Venezuelans so that they can settle and work in the United States for two years, provided they are hosted by a sponsor in this country who demonstrates that the applicant will not become a public charge.

New details about sponsors and beneficiaries

Núñez-Neto clarified that sponsors can be US citizens, lawful permanent residents, or those favored with asylum or Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Those who are elected, he said, will be able to apply at the end of their two-year permit to other immigration benefits or protections such as asylum.

The humanitarian situation that Venezuela is experiencing and that has led almost 7 million Venezuelans to flee the country in just over five years, is one of the aspects that the US authorities will have in their sights to review the new process.

the border is not open

A group of immigrants from Venezuela was returned to the Aztec nation, others have not given up their efforts and rumors have circulated on social networks that the border will be open for twenty days in a time of exception, which was denied by Núñez-Neto .

“Our message to Venezuelans who are on the road or who are thinking of coming is very simple: if you cross our border illegally or if you cross into Mexico or Panama illegally you will not be admitted to the United States and you will lose your opportunity to participate in this process,” the senior official clarified.

Many Venezuelans were left on the road between Panama and Mexico after the recent announcement.

The influx of irregular Venezuelans across the southwestern border of the US reached all-time highs. The same official explained Thursday in a telephone press conference that the number of unique encounters between the authorities and the Venezuelans who have arrived in the last year has increased by more than 180,000.

The Republican opposition blames the Administration for mishandling the immigration situation, exposing the record numbers of immigrants entering irregularly through the southern border.

DHS regularly warns about its operations against human traffickers, specifically against “los coyotes” as those who deal with human trafficking networks are called.

“They have nowhere to hide, we are going to arrest them and bring them to justice,” said the person in charge of border policy at the Department of Homeland Security and warned the migrants that it is not worth surrendering to the hands of these people.

*With the collaboration of Luis Felipe Rojas, VOA journalist from Miami.

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