Today’s horoscope, October 16, 2022, of all zodiac signs

In the horoscope todaySunday October 16the Moon already in its phase last quarter, advises you to leave behind what has not worked for you in the last six months. It is the time of preparation and cleaning for the great eclipse.


When the Moon is in its last quarter phase, it is associated with removing the damaged things from your life from the last six months, be it a relationship, a job, or negative emotions. Taking advantage of this moment will ensure a good purification that will allow you to start a new cycle with the New Moon and eclipse.

In this order of ideas, this will favor you to get away from a toxic family member that contaminates your spirits, get out of old or broken objects in your house and from everything that transmits anguish to you when you see it. For this, decorate your house with these colors to attract abundance.

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You are already in the process of the Last Quarter Moon, which is like a bridge between the past and the future and preparation for the next New Moon and eclipse. In this phase, it is important that you clear your repetitive thoughts related to difficult situations or pessimistic assumptions that do not let you move forward.

Study the objectives that you have proposed for this year and write down those that you think you will not be able to achieve and the reason. In these answers, you will find why you should remove them from your life. This evaluation will give you a clue as to what needs to be cleaned and corrected.

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The Moon is already in its Last Quarter phase and it is the best time to end everything that you no longer want to keep with you. Also for you to think about what part of you you have to change in your relationship with money, since the next New Moon and eclipse will offer you a new opportunity in these matters.

For this reason, you should take the opportunity to evaluate if it is time to change your profession or job. Also, check if you save the money and do not enjoy it for fear of missing it, because this will show you the value you give to yourself. You must take care that ambition does not control you.

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The Moon is already in its Last Quarter phase which is a preparation for the upcoming New Moon and eclipse. By decreasing its size, it will indicate that it is a time to close dysfunctional projects and pending issues.

Also, to put aside the worst addictions or bad habits, since you will feel like changing your life, as well as giving more priority to the personal than to everything else. For this to be effective, you must review and write down everything you want to leave behind and have the list close to you for the ritual you do on the day of the new moon.

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The Moon is in its Last Quarter phase, an event that symbolizes a retreat, and it is a special moment for you to eliminate the obstacles and insecurities that are holding you back.

It is good that you take advantage of it to get out of the fears and confusions of the last weeks because it is a final period and, at the same time, it is the moment to prepare yourself for a new cycle of experiences.

Also to get out of the feeling of not finding what gratifies you or what fills your soul, which makes your body feel energetically worn out. To recover, use all the energy that nuts give you.

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The Moon is already decreasing in size because it has started its Last Quarter process. The symbolism of it is the closing of a cycle and, therefore, much of your energy will be directed inward to review and clarify situations. In your case, those related to colleagues, work groups and also if you feel comfortable working with them or with their purposes.

Additionally, you should ask yourself and analyze if you have made the right efforts and have been able to sustain them and you should correct something. Dedicate this day to resolving conflicts and finalizing those projects launched six months ago.

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The Moon is in its Last Quarter phase, indicating that these are days for removing obstacles and getting out of worn-out issues. Thus, you will be preparing for a new cycle of work and professional experiences that will be launched by the New Moon and the eclipse.

To do this cleaning, it will be important for you to be clear today that your growth will depend directly on the confidence and internal strength you have in yourself. In this order of ideas, if you have insecurities, it will be the best time to get them out of you, as well as to end work relationships that harm you.

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The Last Quarter phase of the Moon implies a cleaning and a preparation to receive a new cycle. For your sign, this is related to your ideas and your beliefs.

With the aforementioned Lunar phase, you will have the opportunity to decide which positive and reliable ideas will stay with you because in the last month you have been rethinking your faith and changing your philosophy of life a lot.

For this reason, it will be good for you to take advantage of this day to review what old concepts are not reliable for you. Write them down to be clear about which ones you should change and thus read them during the week.

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You are a very sensitive sign and it is very difficult for you to get out of what is bad for you or does not serve you. It is for this reason that the Last Quarter phase is very appropriate for you; especially, because it will make it easier for you to remove negative emotions and their influences from your body.

Take advantage of this day to firmly propose to banish bad habits and customs from you. To better comply with this process, I recommend you eliminate toxic relationships, financial problems and let go of the negative. Changing this will make you emotionally clean for the next eclipse.

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For days you have been excited to meet, attract new people to your life and give joy to your heart. For this, you will have to take advantage of today’s Last Quarter phase.

This will help you banish dependent and negative relationships and the bad memories they left you with, since you will have to keep yourself in a perfect state of mind and with your heart open.

Dedicate this day to close the cycle of sadness and low self-esteem. In this way, the situations and people you attract will change. If you keep in mind that you attract the similar to you, it will be easier for you to flow with this purification.

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For your horoscope, today the Moon in its Last Quarter phase will make you focus on your health. It is good that these days you focus on increasing your vitality, do a detox diet and prepare for the next eclipse. This will allow you to have your body clean and cared for like a temple.

Take the opportunity to get out of bad eating habits, control the excess of sweets and start a diet that is healthier for you. Consider that this will serve to renew all your cells to remove any trace of illness and sadness from their memories.

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The Moon in the Last Quarter phase will help review your pleasures and your taste for being in a relationship. Also your taste for earning money, which will allow you to know which of these brings you more happiness and well-being and which ones do not do so much.

In case you have your own business, it will help you to check how it is working; especially, if you started it six months ago.

If, on the other hand, you are in a romance that no longer brings you happiness, you will have to see if it is time to leave it. Remember that these are cleaning days to leave a space and receive something new with the next New Moon and eclipse.

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