This will be the NATO nuclear exercises that begin in Belgium this Monday

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is currently experiencing its moment of greatest tension, with Vladimir Putin’s threat to press the ‘red button’ and thus start a nuclear war. In the midst of all this nervousness, this Monday the NATO nuclear exercises. However, the organization itself has clarified that these are maneuvers already planned and not linked to the war.

Nuclear maneuvers at a delicate moment

In these maneuvers “nuclear deterrent” will have the participation of 14 allies and up to 60 aircraft, where fifth-generation fighters are included. These exercises were confirmed last Thursday by the Allied Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. In his announcement, he stated that NATO will carry out these exercises until the end of October.

In addition, he clarified that it is an exercise “routine” and that does not comply with the current ukrainian waras they were previously scheduled. “They serve to ensure that NATO’s nuclear capabilities remain secure.protected and effective,” he added.

In fact, they are maneuvers that are carried out every october. Of course, Stoltenberg has pointed out that they will serve as a “show of force” by USA and Europeat a delicate moment in the escalation of the war in Ukraine.

In this sense, the Alliance wanted to send a message of calm and added that the aircraft they will not carry nuclear warheads, which is why it has refused to suspend the maneuvers. Some exercises to measure the response capacity in the face of a possible nuclear attack that will also be carried out Russiaon your own.

Belgium It will be the country that hosts these training sessions from this Monday. The exercises and flights that will take place over the North Sea and UKas reported by the military organization in a statement where it also details that it will not use live fire.

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