‘This image is not consistent’Halftime

Nicholas Larcamoncoach of Puebla, recognized the America’s superiority in the Quarterfinal series after his team was eliminated 11-2 on aggregate. At the end of the meeting. the strategist said upset and angry about what happened.

Clearly the series leaves below a fatal resultin the sense that everything that was built in 96 hours ends up hitting you, it hits us too hard for what this group deservedthis is so, today’s game I feel like we were emptied.

“I want apologize to our people, with the history of this club; although I know that everything was built in two years at the head of the team and that there are memorable chapters, I am very sorry for this series for our people. I want to especially apologize to the fans and the history of this club.”

Although the team knew and recognized the level of the Águilas, the way in which they entered the Liguilla by eliminating Chivas in the Repechage gave them an injection of encouragement that they could fight against those of Coapa.

“The reclassification made us feel on the other side in the emotional aspect of facing a Liguilla series with much to gain and little to lose, We made the mistake of coping tryingsurely with many mistakes on everyone’s part, I could name a number of things, I don’t think it’s a time when excuses are worth it for the image we gave

“There are four tournaments in which we are an icon for compete with the league teamsthis fourth Liguilla, that coefficient that is no longer in the conversation, we are 25 points away from that questionit is a matter of taking charge, the players deserve it, but I want to take charge of these five days of the series, it is something that has nothing to do with all that, this image is not consistent with the history of this club”.

The farewell of Larcamón?

Nicolás did not rule out and did not accept an exit from the Strip, although his speech sounded like a farewell after two years of stay in the whole town.

“I don’t know, in fact I don’t say anything, this is very recent, processes should not rely on a result and I don’t think that’s the pointthese are times to be calm to analyze this semester, almost not a quarter, it was an extremely demanding calendar, and as I say, I am happy and proud, in addition to this series, With my 24 months at the helm of this team, I am extremely grateful to my playersgrateful to the club and to the people of Puebla, as I say, it’s time to close, chew and process everything “.

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